Penn State Fans Optimistic Despite Rose Bowl Loss

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PASADENA --  The Rose Bowl is called the Granddaddy of them all for all it's pageantry, the setting, the sights, and the sounds.

It's a symbol of college football's rich traditions. But this place has also produced some pretty exciting games, and Penn State fans from 2,000 miles away came hoping to see one.

A slow start had those Penn Staters in nervous suspense.

Ten, the fans were roaring when their Lions came roaring back into the game. All of a sudden, a great trip to California started to get a lot better.

Riley Hengler from Williamsport was getting pretty excited in the student section.

"Hey, we like to call ourselves a second half team. I think we're showing it now we're starting to cruise into the second half with a full head of steam. I like our chances," Hengler said.

"Penn State's a second half team? Crazy... Well if they play like this the second half will be great," said Steve Napp of Towanda.

Penn State has done what it has done all season, keep these fans in suspense. But you can see the excitement is here.

"Oh it's great, it's great, we were dying to come out. We went to Wisconsin, We followed them all year," added Jimmy Connors of Pittston.

All of the loyal Lions fans learned this year, be patient with Penn State.

"After the loss to Pittsburgh, after Michigan, we didn't know, then all the games after, it's been fantastic," Connors said.

But after a thrilling game, a last second kick was a dagger into the hearts of Penn State fans.

"Sad, sad, but true. So close but didn't make it. But had fun, it was fun," Maryellen Cappelloni of Scranton said.

"I figured it was going to come down to a field goal and I was hoping it was going to be our guy who kicked it, but it didn't work out that way, but good game, great game," said John Cappelloni of Scranton.

But these fans still leave optimistic.

"It was hard to see them lose but I'm honestly so proud of them. They've come such a long way. Even though it wasn't the big W tonight, I feel like it's a win in my eyes," added Megan McNulty of Plains Township.

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