Penn State Fans in Luzerne County Gather for Rose Bowl Watch Party

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- There were cheers and fears for Penn State fans gathered at the River Grille in Plains Township. For them, the 2017 Rose Bowl was more than just a game.

"I think this it is so fabulous that Penn State is in this game after so many years of sanctions and switching coaches," said Karen Karboski of Dallas.

The Penn State Alumni Association Wilkes-Barre organized Monday night's watch party so supporters who couldn't travel to California would have a place to root together

"I would be so happy for those young men, and that whole team, I just really hope they win," said Kathryn Davis of Dallas.

Watching, worrying, wondering, the crowd held on to the hope their team would bloom at just the right time.

"It's great, Penn State's name has been shattered for so many years, with the scandal and everything, this right here is proving why we are one of the best colleges in the country," added Courtney Senghaas of Wilkes-Barre.

"This team never quite - they keep going and going and going. They have done this all year long and we are doing it again," Jim Reino of Shavertown said.

But this game still had a few more surprises in store.

Fans watched in disbelief as USC came back to tie then win. While you could see faces fallen with disappointment, in the end, there was still pride for the season the roar was restored.


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