Man Arrested After Pulling Gun On Another Man In Dunkin’ Donuts Parking Lot

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TUNKHANNOCK TOWNSHIP  -- A man in Wyoming County is facing multiple charges after allegedly taking the law into his own hands.

Police near Tunkhannock say a man was trying to prevent a driver he suspected had been drinking from leaving a Dunkin' Donuts and ended up pulling a gun on him.

Andrew Muscarelle, 36, of Kingsley hid his face as he was led out of the Tunkhannock Township Police Department Monday night.

Police say Muscarelle was at the Dunkin’ Donuts near Tunkhannock at the intersection of Routes 92 and 6 around 4 p.m. on Monday when he ended up pulling a gun on another man.

Tunkhannock Township Police Chief Edward Morristell said one of his officers was driving by at that time.

“He looked over to the parking lot of Dunkin’ Donuts and he observed a male that had a firearm drawn on a vehicle and was holding it, pointed in that direction,” said Chief Morristell.

Workers at the Dunkin’ Donuts watched as other officers came racing into the lot.

“All of a sudden a cop car, literally just came right in, basically diagonal. Then all of a sudden, not even 10 seconds later, we saw the cop get out of his car and pulled his gun out,” said worker Gabriel Sorak.

“About six squad cars came flying into the parking lot, lights on. You can hear the cops yelling 'get on the ground' and they've got guns pointed, yeah, all of them,” said worker Taylor Patton.

Police say Muscarelle noticed an open beer can inside the car of Matt Baldwin, 53, as Baldwin was returning to his parked car at the Dunkin’ Donuts.

Baldwin had his six-year-old granddaughter in the car with him so police say Muscarelle was preventing Baldwin from leaving, thinking he had been drinking and wanted to hold him until police arrived.

Police say when Baldwin put his car in reverse, Muscarelle said he feared for his life and pulled his gun on Baldwin.

“It's a very busy time of day there, you have people coming in and out of the store, it's both a convenient mart and Dunkin’ Donuts, lots of traffic, people fueling their vehicles and all this is transpiring in the middle of that,” added Chief Morristell.

Muscarelle was arrested and Baldwin was given a breathalyzer that he passed.

“Turned out the driver was not drunk. He did have an open container in the vehicle which he's being cited for,” said Chief Morristell.

Muscarelle was arraigned Monday night on several charges, including reckless endangerment, terroristic threats, and false imprisonment.

He was released on $15,000 unsecured bail.



    I’m guessing no one knows Matt Baldwin. This is probably the only time he was ever sober. Everyone in Tunkhannock knows he’s nothing but a drunk and is always in trouble. Not the first time his name has appeared in the News. This guy probably knew him and was watching out for the 6 yr old child.

  • Chappy

    Mr Muscarulle Needs philological testing gotta be a mental case not only did he endanger that child but he could have been shot to or some innocent bystander!!!

  • adam

    You should hide your face, in utter shame. I would like to thank you for giving the anti-gun lobby more ammunition to use against the responsible people of this country who carry firearms. What business is it of yours what is in anybody else’s vehicle? Ever hear of minding your own business? Isnt that stalking behavior as well? Thank G-d a REAL cop just happened to be driving by or this could have had a different outcome. What you did Mr Muscarelle was way more dangerous than Mr Baldwin’s open container. Did you think of how bad you might scare the child in the car or bystanders? BAIL? This man is a danger to society. Wise up people. I cant believe anyone would want to see another man get jammed up anyway. What was the relationship between these two men is now my question. Sounds kinda fishy to me. Cops check’em.

  • Millenials

    Well being I always carry, had that been me in the car and sober this guy would probably be leaving in a body bag for pointing a gun at me!

    • Liliana

      The driver wasn’t drunk – but he was drinking…so your commentary is pointless. Typical computer cowboy. Take your gun and keep it where the sun don’t shine – safer for the rest of us!

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