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Indoor Ice Skating Rink a Popular Spot in Sunbury

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SUNBURY -- This hasn't been the snowiest winter we've ever had, and it's not the coldest either.

While that sits perfectly fine with a lot of people, some want to get bundled up and spend the day doing winter activities.

The line was long to rent skates at the Sunbury Youth Community Center's ice rink. It was even busier on the ice as people glided around the oval with big smiles.

"We actually run out of skates sometimes it gets so busy," said Matt Snyder, Sunbury Youth Community Center.

Many of the skaters tell Newswatch 16 they enjoyed getting bundled up to go ice skating because it was colder on the rink that it was outside.

"It's 40 degrees and rainy outside, but coming ice skating you really get that winter vibe, and it's just a nice way to spend your day," said Emma Sharp of Danville.

"I think it's still something fun to do, something still wintery, even if it doesn't feel like that outside," Snyder said.

"Especially when you go out onto the rink, it's pretty much like winter. When you step outside, you forget that is raining out," said Kate Reichenbach of Sunbury.

The Vance family just moved to Lewisburg from Sweden, so the ice rink reminds them of home.

"It's nice to have the skating rink here and the nice atmosphere. We really enjoy the fireplace here," said Scott Vance.

Even so, they are enjoying the warmer winter.

"We found it a pleasant surprise to see so much sun in the wintertime, so we're actually enjoying that."

"I ride horses, so not having snow is great," added Sharp.

The ice rink at the Sunbury Youth Community Center is open seven days a week. It is located on Memorial Drive.