Businesses Busy for Rose Bowl

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- College football bowl games almost always bring a boost to business at the Windsor Inn in Jermyn, but this year's slate of games, all leading up to the Nittany Lions taking on the USC Trojans, has kept the crew here extra busy.

The general manager, Gary Urnoski, who is also a Penn State alum, knows it's all hands on deck leading up to game time.

"People are ordering wings at 100 a clip, and people want to have their own parties at their private venues, but then again, we have to be ready for the bar as well because there will be people at 4:30 with their Penn State gear on rooting on the hottest in college football," Urnoski said.

It has been a steady stream of people inside Schiff's deli section in Scranton. A lot of customers are Penn State fans loading up on food ahead of the game.

One of those fans in line at the deli was Jonathan Runco of Throop. His family is Penn State through and through. He wasn't able to go to Pasadena, but he admits he'll have fun watching the game.

"We're getting the bucket #1, the 20 pieces of fried chicken," Runco said. "We'll have 10-15 people over at my house."

They all are hoping Penn State wins its first Rose Bowl since 1995.


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