One Killed in New Year’s Eve Crash in Monroe County

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- Business Route 209, also known as North Cortland Street, in East Stroudsburg is back open after a car crashed into a utility pole late Saturday evening.

According to police, three people were inside the car when it struck a utility pole in the 300 block of North Cortland Street around 10:30 p.m. Saturday. One woman inside the car died as a result of the crash.

Officials identified the victim as Shabasia Savinon, 25, of East Stroudsburg.

"It kind of breaks the whole celebration process because you feel for the family and wondering what if it was your family," said Maurice Sankey, who lives right near where the crash occurred. He and his family made the call to 911.

Afterward, Sankey says it was a tough conversation to have with his three children, especially his 18-year-old daughter who is hoping to get her own driver's license soon.

"I'm telling her we have to try to be safe because looking at it, it's mostly young people out there dying on the road and we have to talk to our teenagers about being safe on the road and being careful," Sankey added.

Business Route 209 was shut down for hours overnight and into the morning as investigators reconstructed the crash and crews stabilized the utility pole.

"Never saw the street blocked off for this long," said Luther Fillmore, who lives right down the street from where it all happened. Fillmore is quick to point out that while this road is busy and has the occasional fender bender, it's never been anything like this.

"You just pray for what you got and be happy to be alive every day I guess," he added. "Five minutes from my house and you never know what's going to happen."

The cause of the deadly crash is still under investigation.


  • idiot

    If you were driving faster you could have killed all three of you idiot! Since when did utility poles get installed in the driver’s lane? Idiot!

    • Jamie

      What is up with the negative comment. Do u know exactly what happened. What if someone had a sickness or something coming over them and they lost control so before u judge u should get your facts so this makes u the idiot

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