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Pennsylvania Gas Tax Hike Goes Into Effect

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- Ringing in the new year means drivers will see the price a the pump going up. A gas tax of eight cents per gallon is expected to go into effect on January 1st. It's the third and final scheduled hike as part of legislation signed in 2013.

Pennsylvania already has the highest gas tax in the nation at nearly 70 cents per gallon between federal and state taxes.


Dan Nicolais from Newton Township filled up a full tank for not only his car, but his snowblower too.

"If I can save, I'll save," he exclaimed.

Pennsylvania's gas tax goes toward helping fund road and bridge projects throughout the state. You can see which projects are being funded through the tax by clicking here. 

"I think it sucks," said Ron Miller of Scranton. "I don't believe what they're doing. Where is all this extra money they've been charging us for these roadwork? I haven't seen anything done."

"Stopped to fill my tank up because I knew the price of fuel was going to take a pretty big jump," said Jeff Kyle of Clarks Summit, who filled up ahead of the hike. "I do a lot of driving so it means more out of my back pocket. As long as the money goes where it's supposed to go which is infrastructure, then I guess that's a positive thing."

On top of the gas tax hike, there's a six percent hike coming for those using the Pennsylvania turnpike starting on January 8th.


  • Sam I Am

    This A Plus ( Sunoco ) in Clarks Summit raised the diesel .35 today.
    I think that’s a bit more than the .8 tax.

  • Deez Nutz

    Drove by Sheets in Conyngham last night at 5PM it was $2.55 a gallon, 4 hours later it was $2.69, I guess they can’t add correctly or their just taking advantage of us. Either way I won’t be buying my gas there!

  • Valfreyja

    Your friendly reminder that this was a REPUBLICAN state government that authorized this. Not “Lib’ruls”.

  • Dan Wesson

    What a win win situation. Raise the speed limit to 70 so you burn more gas. Now the price of gas goes up. And they say politicians are stupid.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Yes, some how the roads are magically going to get fixed..what a joke… How much of this gas tax money is going to go to the State Police budget to supplement them????? Hey maybe now the direct off ramp into the Humbolt industrial park from the Aurther Gardner parkway will now be build, I mean the State has only been promising to do it for decades..the have the land thru Bonners since the late 60’s…

  • Meh

    Heres an idea…. Someone author and submit a bill that would block anymore fuel related tax increases with a FULL independent audit of all expenditures related to these taxes. Lets really see where our money is going!!

    • Valfreyja

      Now there’s something we can all enjoy! Regardless of your partisan bent, this is a good idea. And sadly it’s up to US, not THEM, to make it an election issue. We need to blog about it. Write letters to our state reps, state government and the governor about it.

      The only way to force this issue (and it must be forced as these hyenas wont do it of their own accord), is to make sure there is an outcry that the media cannot ignore.

  • Oh wow peeps are dumb

    Everyone complains about Corbett making this tax law! Well then why doesn’t wolf turn this tax law around? But then again $.08 per gallon x 20 gallon = $1.60 so hardly worth me driving 12 miles to fill up costing me $2.20 to save

    • Valfreyja

      Because it’s not the governor’s job. It’s the state legislature’s job to vote to repeal the legislation. They wont, because they like it, because despite popular mouthy rhetoric, it’s not just Democrats who like to raise taxes.

      Republicans did this and Republicans are the retaining wall that keeps this from being repealed. Not Democrats. When the state legislature has a Democratic majority THEN you people can meow about the “lib’ruls”.

  • McCracken

    They should have fixed more roads when oil was $28/bbl. Now, it’s $54. That’s a significant cost savings between fuel to run the equipment and what it costs for the asphalt.

  • john davis

    Abolish PennDot and let contractors who actually know what they’re doing fix the roads…..Generations of nepotism have allowed our roads to be destroyed.Penn Dot is a disgrace

    • Valfreyja

      Found the paid commentor who pushes the “privatize everything because private businesses have never done anything wrong” agenda.

    • Ron McLaughlin

      I agree with John Davis–Pen-Dot is over-payed overstaffed and not as cost effective as a contractor would be . Keep them for snowplowing only :)

  • bobc74

    And I’m sure when the budget comes out this year, they will increase it again at the beginning of 2018. Time to drain the swamp in Harrisburg!

    • Valfreyja

      You people keep electing the same Republicans year after year. What right do you have to be mouthy? This is YOUR fault. You get the opportunity to “drain the swamp” EVERY TWO YEARS and yet you keep voting the same Republican slime that’s clogged the works.

      I mean I don’t disagree with you in spirit, but ultimately a very hard lesson that needs to be learned in this state, and indeed int his nation, is that in a democratic system you get what you deserve. The PEOPLE are as much to blame for the state of affairs as the government. You are the ones who hire and fire them. If you failed to fire a bad employee due to some misplaced partisan religion that’s 100% your own fault.

      We do in fact tend to reap what we sew.

  • Jack Irvin

    Most expensive gas on the east coast and the worst roads, PA robs it’s citizens at every possible opportunity, yet our legislators live like kings. while we pay for their gas.

    • Valfreyja

      While I don’t disagree with you, the sentiment ultimately falls on deaf ears.

      You cannot blame a snake for being a snake. Sure, snakes suck, but to bite is their nature. It’s what they were born to do. The fault lies with the lazy gardener who allowed vipers to nest under the flowers when our children get bit.

      And the people are the gardeners. In these comments sections I’ve heard nothing but “derned lib’ruls” this and “tax and spend Democrats” that. But yet virtually all of the major state level pieces of legislation in the past twenty years have been passed by Republican state legislatures. There is a poisonous mentality in conservative America where they think it’s okay to blame the other side for what Republicans do.

      And then what do the people of Pennsylvania do election after election? They vote back in the same Republicans who cannibalized their statesmen. Well, sorry, but you all deserve this. You earned this. You sacrificed for it. It belongs to YOU. Not to the state government.

      The people chose a toxic, iconoclastic ideology instead of a fact based political discourse and they got EXACTLY what they asked for. Now Victor can’t control his monster and frankly I’m laughing myself silly at all you people crying about how bad everything’s gotten.

  • poonus

    how about you all, fix the roads right the first time, overhaul penndot or subcontract it out to people who can actually fix a highway for more then two years (notice 81 by the airport was done last summer for a second time? did the workers who did that repave it all for free? nah. we got robbed again.), quit with the BRINE SPRAYS (notice the bridges on 81 are all crumbling apart where the snow plows push that salt mix?), 2 year old cars completely rust out due to BRINE.

  • poonus

    Exit 175A has a hole you can hide a ham in…fix it. you want to raise taxes expect to hear about it more often on how to spend MY MONEY.

  • poonus

    hey PA I want my tax money back! and I want a yearly repair rebate for trashing my car on your garbage roads since everyone thinks it’s ok to rip everyone off who drives … PA registration should be waved too. everyone pays enough already. Pa as a state isn’t keeping up it’s part of the deal, as a tax slave I feel cheated, if you guys are going to raise the prices you need to actually provide services.

  • Truth only please

    Unbelievable! We have the highest gas tax and the worst roads. We saw a lot of gas stations raised the price of gas the day after Christmas and now the .08 cent tax which caused gas to go from $2.39, $2.45, $2.59. Is there no end to the ways we get ripped off?

  • Jayrobbrown

    We have the highest gas tax in the nation. Why? Where has the money been going? We have some of the worst roads and bridges in the nation. Anytime you see roadwork being done, there’s 3 guys working and 6 watching.

  • drac

    Between property taxes and gas taxes and everything else taxes, people will soon be working for no one but the governments.

  • Liam G

    Pennsylvania’s gas tax goes toward helping fund pensions and benefits for retired PennDOT workers, along with a half- a-billion dollars from the turnpike squandered an subsidizing Septa and P’burg’s transit systems.

    Fixed it for you.

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