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Penn State’s offense ready to roll at the Rose Bowl

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It's the granddaddy of them all Penn State and USC 103rd Rose Bowl game and for sine of the Nittany Lions, they started feeling the excitement right away.

"It hit me a few days ago that we were actually out here in California," said Daesean Hamilton. "Our first practice it hit me that we were out here in California being ready to play in the Rose Bowl. It's gonna be a pretty special thing but a lot of the guys they're cherishing this moment and they're realizing exactly what the stage is and what we're about to pay on."

"We were at Lawry's last night," commented QB Trace McSorley. "They had some rose bowl history video and some rose bowl hype video. You sit there and you watch that you kind of get chills like we're really here and this is really happening."


"They showed film how the tradition of this game, how historical it is and I started getting goosebumps," exclaimed RB Saquon Barkley. "I'm just really excited to be able to play and I'm honored to be able to play and represent Penn State and I think it'll be a blast. "
Took a little longer for some other guys but they felt it soon enough.

"I have had that oh wow moment you know walk around La and seeing all the sites, like wow I'm in California right now," said OL Ryan Bates. "I've never been here before and is exciting. You know, plating a PAC 12 team in what they say is the granddaddy of them all. "

"Pull up to the stadium, walk in for the first time." added McSorley.   "You get to see everything. I think that's when that oh wow moment will come."


"The most prestigious bowl college football. crowed TE Mike Gesicki.  "For us to just have a chance to play in this and compete and give it or best to go out there and win this game, we're excited about it and I can't wait to run out there."

Just one more day of waiting and then the Nittany Lions will run onto the field and hopefully win their first Rose Bowl since 1995. With the Nittany Lions in California, Landon Stolar, Newswatch 16 Sports.
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