Vandal Breaks Into High School, Rides Floor Cleaning Zamboni Through Hallways

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TUNKHANNOCK -- Surveillance footage caught 21-year-old Robert Joseph Nast inside the Tunkhannock Area High School.

Authorities say Nast broke into the high school Thursday night and spent about an hour inside roaming the halls.

"Video shows he was at the back of the school," commented Chief Edward Morristell of the Tunkhannock Township Police Department. "He was throwing some boards around prior to him making entry to the school. Once inside he knocked some desks over. There`s a floor cleaning zamboni that he is seen riding around through the hallways."

According to authorities after Nast was arrested this Friday afternoon, he didn't remember the overnight joyride on the floor cleaning machine, ripping down decorations in the hallway, or stopping to write obscene messages on classroom white boards.

"Must have a grudge about the school..." said Rick Tunniclif, a parent of a student at the school. "Probably some kid from right here."

Police confirm Nast was a former student. He reportedly told authorities he didn't have a grudge against the school, but he had had a few drinks, drove by the school and thought it looked different. That was when Nast decided to break in to get a better look.

Jonathan Kashatus has a child who goes to the school, and worries about the security.

"People shouldn't be drinking so much number one! And maybe the school should have a little more security at the school," Kashatus said.

Nast has been charged with burglary, vandalism, and about half dozen charges in total.

He is locked up in the Wyoming County Jail, after being unable to post his $20,000 bail.




  • DUH

    Love the random ‘person on the street’ interviews. Of course Kashutas has a point: If a drunk / high / drugged pin head that looks like he works in the back room of Tractor Supply can get in, what’s to prevent someone that plans to do harm to the students and faculty from getting in?

  • A Dollar an Hour

    “People shouldn’t be drinking so much number one!”

    Dear Alicia Nieves: please learn to punctuate correctly. The results the hilarious when you don’t.

    • hahaha

      If you’re going to bust chops about punctuation at least back it up with a sentence that makes sense. The results are hilarious and not the results the hilarious. At least your able to make out your point unlike most yam bags that misspell 90% of their sentences and no punctuation. Oh I forgot its the spell check and lack of taking 2 seconds to reread the 5 words they just did.

      • Sam I Am

        Just because the story is about something that happened at a school, doesn’t mean that we have to get graded on punctuations and grammar.
        It’s the Internet not an English exam.
        GET OVER IT

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