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Penn State Fans Enjoy the Sights of Southern California

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LOS ANGELES -- Blue and white is everywhere you look in Los Angeles. Just look around the LA Live entertainment complex in downtown Los Angeles, or any other popular gathering spot in Los Angeles, and you'll find the blue and white.

"Oh it's awesome, it's so good!" said Marge Bittner, Pocono Lake, when asked about being in the city for the Rose Bowl.

The Bittners from the Poconos are among the Penn State fans who seem to be everywhere.

"We were here 21 years ago and decided this is the year again," Ray Bittner said.

This is the best Christmas gift of all for Penn Staters — many arrived just in time for the weekend to get started.

And one of the first things many saw after leaving icy Pennsylvania was the ice rink at LA Live and all those other Southern California landmarks too.

"It's awesome, everything about California is great. It's warm, better than snow!" Christopher Mellon, of Scranton, said.

The Mellon family from Scranton just got in and wouldn't miss it.

"Oh it's amazing, you kidding me. Penn State's back,  we have a bounce in our step and it's great to be here for the game," said Chris Mellon, of Scranton. Chris is Christopher Mellon's father.

The Penn State fans have a lot of different things they plan to see and do while they're here, but they all have one thing in common — amazement that Penn State is here.

"Oh, they left us for dead, I mean not five years ago..." said Chris Mellon

It was a season filled with one surprise after another.

"Oh it's awesome, it's totally unexpected... " Ray Bittner said, when asked about Penn State's comeback season.

The team has work to do. Their focus is on football. Police escort them through the LA traffic to help get their job done, while the fans enjoy the result of all those Nittany Lion successes.

"Over the past five years, these kids... The character they've shown it brings warmth to Penn State alums, it's perfect," Deg Carroll, of Matamoras, said.

"And we're going to win, go Lions!!" Marge said.

This trophy awaits the winner.

A lot of Rose Bowl fun awaits the fans.