Dead Woman Left on Porch for 17 Months, Man Arrested

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LOCK HAVEN -- A man from Clinton County is behind bars after he told police he used his dead roommate's bank card and Access card. But he also admits to putting her body on her back porch, which is where it stayed for more than a year.

According to court papers, Rodney Heaton told police he came back to the apartment he shared with Teresa Hill in Lock Haven after being away for a few days last year. And he found her dead. So, he wrapped her body in an air mattress, duct-taped it, wrapped it in carpet, and put it on the back porch for 17 months.

People who live near this apartment building in Lock Haven say it's been an interesting week. A body was found on the back porch of one of the apartments, and now we are learning more about what happened. In fact, it has some people scared.

"It's a little too close to my home," Wanda Lapp said.

According to court papers, police in Lock Haven believe the body found here last week is 59-year-old Teresa Hill, and that she's been wrapped in a mattress and carpet for more than a year and half on this porch. Hill's roommate, 53-year-old Rodney Heaton was arrested and charged with stealing her identity.

"That is something else. I couldn't believe it, right next door, you know what I mean? That's terrible," Deb Hoar said.

Heaton told police he was staying with Hill at the apartment on Corning Street in July of 2015. He said he left for a few days and when he came back he found her dead. He told police he wrapped her body inside an air mattress, duct-taped in shut, tied a cord around it and rolled her body in a carpet. Then he put her body on the back porch.

According to court papers, Heaton told police he did that so he could continue to use Hill's money and live in her apartment.

Neighbor Wanda Lapp saw crews carrying out the body.

"I didn't know whether to cry or I was so sick to my stomach. I just can't understand how anyone could do that to somebody," Lapp said.

Lapp was shocked to learn the body was across the street for 17 months.

"My living room windows were open all summer and I can't believe I didn't smell anything," Lapp said.

Neighbor Deb Hoar remembers seeing Teresa Hill at the Salvation Army, and how nice she was.

"Wore glasses. She had a hard time walking around, walked with a cane," Hoar said.

The body was found last Thursday morning by a cleaning crew. The coroner has not confirmed the woman's identity, but Lock Haven police believe it is Teresa Hill. As for Rodney Heaton, he is in jail, charged with identity theft, access device fraud, theft and receiving stolen property.


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