Business Cashing in on NYE Parties

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POCONO TOWNSHIP -- Slicing away at meat and portioning out cookies, workers at Corona Café and Deli near Tannersville have a busy New Year's Eve Day ahead of them.

"This time of the year is always crazy in between Christmas and New Year. This time in particular, we get orders in every day of the week," said Nicholas Reddington, Corona Café and Deli.

Nicholas Reddington tells Newswatch 16, between catered meals, deli and cookie platters, these guys will be shipping out dozens of orders for parties and it's not as easy at it looks.

"A lot of prep work, a lot of teamwork, everyone has to be on the same page for this. We got guys in the back doing certain orders for the back, guys in the front doing certain orders for the front. Mayhem," said Reddington.

Down the street at Corona Butcher and Italian Specialties, a pig was getting seasoned for a New Year's Day feast.

James Mazzaro says these are their biggest sellers.

"Pork is good luck for New Years. I season everything up, people come and pick them up, all you have to do is throw it right in the oven and it's all ready to go," James Mazzaro, Corona Butcher and Italian Specialties.

And what is a party without some beverages? At Brewskies in East Stroudsburg, holiday business is buzzing.

"It's a little busy, everyone is here to stock up, holiday parties, fun at home. We are absolutely busy but that is the way we like it," said Trevor Riley, Brewskies.

Trevor Riley carries out cases of beer for customers each day.

He tells Newswatch 16, during the holidays, many people pick fro the season selection but the traditional are just as popular, too.

"A lot of preparation goes into it just to make sure we have all the shelves ready and whatever anybody needs," said Riley.