34 Years of Forecasts, Farewell to Tom Clark

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It's a story 34 years in the making.

The day is somewhat surreal and very bittersweet, as Mike Stevens and many of the Newswatch 16 team bids so long to everybody's favorite weatherman, Tom Clark.


  • Bill

    I have been watching channel 16 for many years till my cable provider took it away. I grew up on thar station I’m gonna miss seeing all the old timers on there. Good luck tom

  • Pedro

    Watched you all 34 years ! Not seeing you do the Weather will be sorely missed ! We got to meet you years ago at Wyoming Valley Mall for Labor Day Telethon, all the best !

  • Sam I Am

    When Tom Clark says a Flurry, we better Worry.

    34 Years of taking a lickin
    And Tom kept Tickin.
    Best of luck
    Now we can bash Joe more.

  • ripped off

    I agree with a previous poster. Channel 16 didn’t do much for Tom’s farewell. He gave them 34 years and they gave him a cheesy 5 minutes in the backyard. I felt embarrassed for him. Things will only get better for you now Tom. Have fun!

  • Ann Marie

    I am new to the area…having only been here twelve years, not a native…but I will miss Tom Clark’s infamous line….”It’s going to be good travel weather.” Blessings to you and your family, Tom, as you embark on this new chapter of your life! May each day of your retirement be blessed with love, happiness, family, good friends, good health, and of course…good traveling weather! So long…never good-bye!

  • Chuck

    I particularly liked the story you related about a Grateful Dead concert in RFK w/ Noreen. I always appreciated your forecasts. You know what they say about “rolling stones”…..I’m sure you have a bunch of plans. Good Luck.

  • Valfreyja

    I was in one of those classes Mr Clark visited back in the late 80s. It was a fun and educational experience. Thanks for keeping us informed all these years!

  • Al

    Tom Clark,
    I’ve watched the weather with you on since I was 10 years old. Yes, you’ve made mistakes that effected schedules and plans. But, on the whole you’ve been good. Hate to see you go, you’re like family.
    Enjoy your retirement!

  • Canniech

    Thank you Mr. Clark for your service to us. For always reminding us, be it a blizzard, flood, or whatever came, there would be a tomorrow with sunshine. You got at lot of forecasts correct, and missed a few. Still the greatest joy you brought , was your Christmas Eve forecast at 11pm, and your tracking of Santa. being an old man, it delighted me, that you chose to do that, and it always made me smile. I was saddened when it was not done this year. I always hoped the station would have you sit down with a group of children, and recite “The Night Before Christmas” to them.

  • annie

    Going to miss you, Tom. You have always given the most accurate weather news. I’ve always appreciated your calm demeanor. Good luck to you and I sincerely hope you enjoy this next phase of your life.

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