Thieves Break Into Luzerne County Target Through Roof

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WILKES-BARRE TWP. -- Police say two thieves broke into a Target store in Wilkes-Barre Township through the roof early Thursday morning.

Police say the two thieves cut through the roof of the Target store sometime between when the store closed last night and three in the morning.

Newswatch 16 was there this morning when a State Police van was parked in front of the store.

Police say they were inside investigating the burglary.

Employees discovered the break-in around three o'clock this morning. No merchandise was taken, but authorities found an ATM broken open. Some money was taken. Police don't know how much.

Police believe this crime could be connected to similar burglaries at Target stores in other states including Georgia and South Carolina

The Target in Wilkes-Barre Township opened around ten this morning, about two hours behind schedule.

The two thieves have not been caught.

Newswatch reached out to Target for comment, but have not heard back.


  • Liliana

    They only stole some ATM cash? That sounds like a lot of effort for a little return…but I suppose criminals don’t really think about these things in the practical sense…they’re to busy being criminal minded.

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