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I-80 East Reopens After Deadly Crash in Central PA

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UNION COUNTY -- Interstate 80 east in part of central Pennsylvania is back open after a deadly crash that had the road closed for most of the morning.

Two trucks tangled in a metal mass and one person is dead.

The highway was shut down since around midnight between the Williamsport/Interstate 180 West exit and the Lock Haven exit.

Crews worked throughout the morning to figure out what led up to the early morning crash.

State police say the crash happened around 12:30 this morning as two trucks were traveling eastbound on Interstate 80. That's when one rig slammed into the back of the other rig.

Even with the detour and some wintry weather conditions, some truckers and drivers waited for Interstate 80 eastbound to reopen.

With today's cost of diesel and expenses, it doesn't make any sense for me to go 50 miles further to end up in the same place at the same time tomorrow morning. I can wait it out," said truck driver Dean Piper.

William Peters is traveling from Youngstown to Allentown to see his family. He says he noticed all the flashing lights and emergency crews ahead on the highway. He knew he had to get off the interstate.

Randy Moses, another driver stuck in the mess, was heading to new york. His advice: slow down.

Interstate 80 eastbound reopened about 10:30 Thursday morning. State police are investigating what caused the fatal crash on interstate 80.   Allen

State police are investigating what caused the fatal crash on Interstate 80.



    • sc

      i agree with your sarcasim and yes, speed kills. especially when most drivers (cars and trucks) are distracted by cell phones and gps or tired or a combination.. but reality is, if Rt.80,81,380 or any major highway had 50mph max, most people would still be exceeding the speed by 15-20mph.
      humans are careless and inconsiderate.

    • Megan Piktel

      The fleet truck he was driving had a speed governor, as do all Estes fleet trucks. This accident was not caused by speeding.

      • sc

        save it….i been truckin a long time and they werent accused of speeding.
        there is a thing called driving too fast for conditions. again, not accusing!
        if the 65mph highway is snow covered, ALL trucks should be driving 45 or less or find the nearest safe park.
        people just dont think and act on it.
        some of these truck AND car accidents are accidents. some are careless neglect.

      • Megan Piktel

        Please be kind in your comments. There is information that was not released to the public yet, this was not an accident due to weather, it happened before the snow and ice. The man that died is my father in law. He had 22 years experience, two million safe miles, was a driver trainer for over a decade, and a multiple time driver of the month and year. He preached SAFETY to every driver he knew – personal vehicle and tractor trailer. He left behind a wife, three adult sons (two are truck drivers) and a four month old daughter. The family is heart broken enough without reading cruel comments on the internet blaming this tragic accident on poor driving. The state police that were on scene confirmed, at the time of the accident the storm had not started yet, it started after the accident – road conditions were ruled out. He was driving a governed truck, he was not speeding. Placing blame on the internet does not help anyone, and it only hurts Bills family and friends.

      • enough is enough!

        You know what Megan, I’m about sick and tired of reading your sad song and dance on here. You keep saying “information not yet released.” Well then tell us or zip it! I don’t care how long he has driven, or how many safe miles he had. All that tells me is how lucky he’s been and he finally picked the wrong night. Stop wasting my eyeball juice on here. Thankyou!

      • natalie

        ENOUGHISENOUGH…..How dare you speak that way to someone (Meg) who lost a family member!
        You should be ashamed of yourself…sorry excuse!

      • enough is enough!

        Natalie, tell meg to cough up the “unexplained” and we might cut her a break. If not, then she needs to zip it. If somebody crashes and dies, and it’s their fault then guess what? Everybody has to deal with a self inflicted death. It happens. Stop making invisible excuses.

      • Carmel

        I will never understand how some people can be so rude and proud of it.

        A person lost their life and left behind a family, yet people are pointing fingers without knowing the facts.

    • sc

      meg,…i am so sorry for your loss. i lost my wife in an auto accident. any death of loved ones hurts. sudden deaths scar.
      I dont ask you to re-read the comments. I just want you to understand my own comment was not an accusation or comment on the accident. it was a response to the initial post.
      God love your family and peace be with yours.

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