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Effort to Save Family From Fire in Luzerne County

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PITTSTON TOWNSHIP -- It was just after 11 a.m. on Thursday when a fire broke out at a home along Brydon Lane in Pittston Township. Township street maintenance worker Matthew Chesniak just happened to be driving by.

"I  was actually salting the roads and they came out screaming 'the house was on fire'. So I just ran in, ripped the dresser out and threw it over the banister. That was about it and made sure everybody was out," said Chesniak.

Chesniak saw the fire was coming from on top of the dresser so he pulled it out of the home and helped three people get out from the first floor.

However, there were two women who were still on the second floor who had to wait for emergency responders.

"When we arrived, there happened to be two people on the roof standing there. The police department was on scene, firefighters were just setting up. There were no ladders available. We set up a chair literally on the back porch," said Don Hudziniski with Pittston Township EMS.

With the amount of smoke coming out of the home, Hudziniski was so concerned, he told one woman she was going to have to trust him and jump into his arms.

"She didn't want to jump but we convinced her to make that leap," said Hudziniski.

Everyone who was in this home at the time of the fire is expected to be okay. The two woman on the roof were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation.