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Drivers on I-80 West Stuck for Two Hours After Crash

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TUNKHANNOCK TOWNSHIP -- For miles and for hours, there was stopped traffic and people waiting inside and outside of their cars on Interstate 80 West in Tunkhannock Township.

"Crazy, I was just about 10 miles away picking up my daughters, we were headed to D.C. and now we are just stuck here. Don't know what to do," Hitesh Patel of Long Island said.

According to State Police, a crash involving two tractor trailers is what caused the traffic stop. Neither driver was hurt.

Jeremiah Jones from Valley Stream, New York was on his way to his vacation home in Schuylkill County.

"It's frustrating. I mean people are just trying to come and go and now we are stuck," Jeremiah Jones of Long Island said.

Drivers who were stuck in this mess tell us their biggest concern is that they don't know what the roads are going to be like, once traffic starts moving again.

"It's a little worrisome because we don't know how long we will be here and I don't know what is happening up front," said Desiree Sculott.

For a family from North Dakota, they knew the wait was going to be a long one. While they were waiting they decided to build a snowman, naming it Tunkhannock Township.

"I'd rather be driving because we have to get to Chicago yet today but what are you going to do but enjoy it, just enjoy it. It's beautiful and we aren't going anywhere," said David Burkman, North Dakota.

For other drivers waiting in the jam, they believe this is a reminder to drivers to take precautions in the winter weather.

"Some people just fly across and they don't know how to drive. Just take it easy, go 20, 30 miles an hour, you'll get there," said Patel.

Interstate 80 West reopened to traffic just before 1 p.m., Thursday.