Scranton Police Investigating Reported Robbery In Hill Section

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SCRANTON -- Scranton police are investigating the report of a robbery in the city's Hill Section.

A man told police he was robbed by two people while walking along East Gibson street around 7 o’clock Tuesday night.

For people living in this part of the city`s Hill Section, the news isn`t exactly surprising.

“Around Scranton, up here in the Hills, you always hear something like that. You know, you hear someone getting mugged, or a car broken in or someone getting killed,” said Mykala Kline. “It`s not anything new.”

“You know, Scranton`s going downhill, that`s my thoughts,” said Ben Covey. “For years, it`s getting worse and worse and it sounds typical to me.”

Investigators say the victim, a 28-year-old man, told them he was walking along Gibson Street when a man and woman approached him. They reportedly asked him if he wanted to get shot, then demanded money.

While no gun was shown, police say the victim gave the couple what money he had, a few dollars.

“You can`t question, you just got to give them the money and 10 bucks, 100 bucks,” said Covey. “You know, that Turkey Hill at the bottom of the hill, probably robbed 50 times in the last five years, right?”

Police say the couple then fled south on Prescott Avenue.

The couple is described as a thin black man with some facial hair who was wearing a black hooded jacket.

The woman is white, with a short medium build with short dark hair and was wearing a dark jacket.

People living here say they do take caution when out on the streets in the dark.

“You need to be on alert at all times, be vigilant, know who`s behind you, definitely keep your eye open,” said Rhina Mora.

“So, don`t walk alone, that`s my advice,” said Covey.

Anyone who thinks they saw something in that part of the Hill Section around 7 o'clock Wednesday night is asked to call Scranton detectives at (570) 348-4139.


  • Sammy T.

    i bet they didn’t get into “journalist” Steve Korbuttz’s house and meditation room. He’s got Budget Blinds ! and he claims to know karate so that’ll keep away the bad guys ( and girls )

  • Liam G

    There are many robberies, break-ins, assaults, and assorted gunfire in these neighborhoods. You simply don’t see the reports. I’m a few blocks over; we had two sets of morons exchanging shots with each other just a few months ago; bullet through the living room wall of one home from one set, bullet into a car from the other yahoos. Cars broken into? Smash-and-grabs? Almost daily. It is NOT the neighborhood I grew up in.

  • Girl w/a heart

    Ms. Kline…how many people have been killed in the hill section? One mugging and people make up stories and cause panic.
    Turkey Hill on mulberry robbed 50 times? I don’t think so.

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