Scent-Sations Now Shipping Candles To Europe, The Middle East

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WILKES-BARRE --Scent-sations started as just a small candle manufacturing plant in Wilkes-Barre about 15 years ago. Now, the company is competing with several big-name candle makers.

"We`re in the UK, we`re in Saudi Arabia, we`re in Spain, and no, we`re not big yet, but we`re growing," said Bob Scocozzo, the CEO of Scent-sations.

Scocozzo gave most of his employees at his Wilkes-Barre manufacturing plant this week off for the holidays. Scocozzo is spending the week in his George Avenue office, planning dozens of candle orders, after recently expanding to several new countries.

"It`s just exciting that there`s no limit to what you can achieve in this world, in the US. "

Scocozzo smelled success in the worldwide candle business after making a name for his signature line, Mia Bella Candles, in our area. The candles are all-natural wax and triple-scented,so they burn longer and smell richer than other candles.

"If you work hard, and take your business and not try to be a salesperson but believe in your product, and share it with people, some people will say yes, some people will say no, and who cares about the rest?"

Most recently, Mia Bella Candles began shipping to the Netherlands. The deal happened in early December after a wholesaler there stumbled across his company`s Instagram page.

"Bob was kind enough to send some products, and I fell in love with the product, and I want people to enjoy it as much as we do," said Jeanina Elattal, a buyer in the Netherlands.

"Every day is amazing in the overseas market, because it's a different world," added Scocozzo.


  • AStank

    These candles are so awesome… they’re WAY better than Yankee. The smell is so rich and clean, and the wax is incredibly easy to break out of the jar and burn in a simmer pot when the wick is gone. And the best part is they’re natural!

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