UPDATE: Water Main Break Repaired in Dupont

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UPDATE: Water is back on for 30 homes and businesses in Luzerne County after crews repaired a broken main in Dupont.

Pennsylvania American Water says crews patched the break overnight and service has been restored to all customers.

A part of Main Street was blocked off since early Monday morning while crews fixed that break in Luzerne County.

DUPONT -- Pennsylvania American Water crews are on the scene of a water main break in Luzerne County.

Part of Main Street in Dupont is closed off from Grant Street to Curtain Street.

Traffic has to turn down Grant and use Lincoln Street as an alternate route.

Water is still flowing out from the main break that was discovered around 9 a.m. on Monday morning.

Crews blocked off the road, but have not begun to repair the main break.

They are waiting for the gas company to mark where the gas lines are before they dig up the already ripped apart ground and determine which water line broke.

Crews from Pennslyvania American Water say there are two water mains under the street, a ten inch main and an eight-inch main.

Officials are still trying to determine which main broke.

The water company has not shut off the water but may need to depending on which of those water mains broke.

At this time it is undetermined how many homes and businesses could be affected and could be without water later on depending on which main broke.

No matter which water main broke, crews in Dupont say they expect to have the main to be repaired by the end of Monday.


  • mike

    it doesn’t matter how many pipes you replace underground and it has nothing to do with money. water companies actually take a big loss when there is a water main break. we do live in pa. where we have four seasons and that being said, with the temperature change, the ground each and everyone of us walk on shifts. when these shifts happen more pressure is applied to all utilities pipes under ground and can cause a break at anytime. more water main breaks do happen during the colder months of the year. trust me nobody wants to be out there fixing a water main break below 60 degrees

  • Chris

    Multiple water main breaks on Main St. 1 was replaced near Thanksgiving, the road where that one was replaced needs to be paved! Nothing is going to be done, just a temporary fix til the next one happens…

  • Bill K.

    ANOTHER water main break? I don’t understand these water companies. They hike up the rates each year. Yet they do nothing to improve their infrastructure. They always claim “old pipes, hard to replace”. That’s precisely why you reserve some income and use it for capitol improvements. Yet the board of directors keeps getting paid and they keep getting increases each year. Nothing you can do about it as you’re literally fighting city hall.

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