Shoppers Save with Christmas Clearance Sales

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DUNMORE -- Santa came and went, the presents have been opened, and the Christmas dinner served. Now on December 26th, some people in our area are already looking ahead to next Christmas.

From wrapping paper to ribbons, Christmas trees and over-sized elves, just about everything holiday themed is on sale here at Jerry's For All Seasons in Dunmore.

"We always come after Christmas," said Michelle Weiner of Effort. "[We come] after every holiday to scoop up what we can for the next season."

"That's when you want to come and get the stuff you need for next year," said Allison Longo of Jerry's For All Seasons. "And a lot of customers do that; they stock up with things that they wouldn't normally buy at full price to put up for next year."

"You like to get the deal but I put it in my attic until next year and then I'll say 'oh look, my brand new tree,'" exclaimed Diva Dieso of Swoyersville.

"It's got everything," said Geri Melovitz of Larksville. "I know people further than me that come here every year. It's fun! The craziness is over. This is just fun for next year it's not for tomorrow."