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Shoppers Raise their Glasses to the Winery Business this Holiday Season

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STROUDSBURG -- Renegade Winery on Main Street in Stroudsburg is a new business on the block.

It's a place many people, including Miranda Ford from Stroudsburg, have been coming to since it opened a few months ago.

"I really enjoy wine. I actually live right in the area and this is a new place that is open, along with the other one and it's just a great time," commented Ford.

Business boomed for Christmas stocks of red and white.

Workers at the winery say many people chose to buy wine locally this holiday season.

"They come in and ask, can we try these, and then they think well I was going to buy this one, but maybe I'll buy this one now because this was really good," said Renegade Winery's bartender, Kandis Venn.

Only a few storefronts down from Renegade Winery, is RAW, another new winery in the Poconos. Wine makers are already preparing for the New Year's Eve party rush.

"We are stocking up on all of our beverages too because we paired with some local distilleries to bring in some products. We are trying to keep it all in stock," said Misty Stallard, owner of RAW.

Lisa Dennis from East Stroudsburg sees local wines as a good conversation starter as well as a hit around the holiday dinner table.

"It's a conversation piece. Yeah, like oh where did you get this? It's really good. Then you're proud of something that is local and that people can try it," said Dennis.

With another big holiday just a few days away,  these businesses are looking forward to lifting the spirits of those ringing in the new year, refilling inventory
and glasses too.