Returning Gifts and Snagging Sales After Christmas in Lycoming County

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LYCOMING COUNTY -- During the holiday, Teresa Parker of Milton likes to see family, after the holiday, she likes to see sale signs.

"They have stuff for 40 percent off, stuff for 50 percent off, stuff for 30. I guess it depends on what you want," said Milton.

At Maurice's inside the Lycoming Mall Teresa told Newswatch 16 she picked up some pants and shirts.

One day after Christmas, Teresa braved the lines and the crowds of shoppers that came out to the mall near Muncy.

"Lots of people are returning stuff, getting new stuff. Some people wait till after to get stuff," added Milton.

For Christmas, Blake Marks received a hat that was just a bit too small, so he went to the mall his family to exchange it.

The day after Christmas is a time for people to spend money but also a time for families to spend more time with the ones they love.

Tammy Edgell drove from Lancaster to spend Christmas with her daughter.

"The kids got some money so we are just going to see what they have here," Edgell commented.

"I'm actually surprised that it wasn't a little more crowded because after Christmas with the sales and returns or shopping," said Monica Bressler of Hughesville.

With the holidays over, the mall will go back to its regular hours. The Lycoming Mall will be open on New Years day.


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  • JessicaInWilliamsport

    Why open on New Year’s Day? If we’re going to “make America great again” perhaps we should go back to businesses being closed on Sundays and holidays. No, wait, that might hurt someone’s profit margin or inconvenience someone….can’t have that! *eyeroll*

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