Winery Opens in Former Fire Station in Shamokin

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SHAMOKIN -- A man from Atlas brought new life into an old fire station in Shamokin. He turned the empty building into a winery which opens Friday evening.

Looking at the building on Sunbury Street in Shamokin from the outside, it's pretty clear it used to be a fire company. But Rick Long of Atlas had an idea to turn it into a winery and now his dream has come true.

"Decided, yeah, what better place would be to put a winery than in an old firehouse? That's how we came up with the name Firehouse Winery," said Long.

This used to be the Liberty Hose Company. The Liberty Hose Company now operates out of a different building in Shamokin.

Long bought the vacant building from the city of Shamokin in January and now it's opening as a winery.

"I really think the area's going to appreciate a restaurant like this and because of the locality of it, you won't really need to go out of town now to have a nice glass of wine, something good to eat," said bartender Cara Goffi.

"Somewhere to hang out, unwind after a long week and a long day," added Long.

The Firehouse Winery offers craft beer, light food, and nine different kinds of wine for $13 a bottle.

"We have everything from a cabernet sauvignon, a chianti, something dry for people who have a palette for something like that, all the way to a Niagara, which is really sweet," Goffi explained.

The upstairs part of the winery is almost finished and it will be available to rent for private parties.

The winery has a parking lot in the back and a patio which will be open when it gets warmer.

The Firehouse Winery will be open Wednesday through Saturday and will have entertainment on the weekends.


  • I love the Doanld, smegma and all

    Do junkies appreciate a fine vintage?

    May as well be opening a flower shop in the center of Aleppo, Syria!

    • From a different perspective

      Why do you Americans have so little faith in nation and countrymen and women? It’s as though you root against yourselves.

      You really have lost that “Yankee ingenuity.” You’ve lost your “can do” attitude, and the world notices…. your friends AND your enemies.

  • Mike

    Another opening of a Shamokin business that will be closed in a year. Want to profit in Shamokin, open some drug rehabs. Drug addiction is the theme in this town. It’s time to seriously address the issue, and treat it as a health care issue instead of a criminal justice issue. Coroner Kelly has no clue what he’s doing, and isn’t going to solve the problem by bringing in former drug addicts in to speak to students in school. That didn’t work 30 years ago, it’s not going to work now. The alcoholics are fine in Shamokin, get the junkies some help.

    • Grab 'em by the p.....

      The Donald will fix it all…. after Jan 20th, there will be unicorns pooping gumdrops in your backyard….rainbows on every horizon, old cranky white men will be recognized for their brillance.

      Nah…..none of that is going to happen.

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