Racist Fliers Found by Sunbury Mosque

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SUNBURY -- Police in Sunbury are trying to figure out who put up racist fliers in front of a mosque in the city.

Now, religious leaders are calling for unity after seeing the hateful messages against the Muslim community.

"Refugees not welcome."

"White people last seen hating themselves."

These are just some of the fliers that were posted on the Sunbury Islamic Center.

"It's horrible. It's shocking. It's wrong," Alicia Farmer said.

"That's uncalled for. There's no need for it. It's a good community," Andreas Torruella said.

The fliers were found by city officials and community members. Police say they were taken down right away.

Some of the fliers were also found at Cameron Park and also various other places around the city.

"Unfortunately, we felt like it was really--we were hoping it wouldn't happen, but we felt it was only a matter of time before something happened and we would have to respond," Rabbi Nina Mandel said.

Nina Mandel is the rabbi at Congregation Bethel Sunbury. Her synagogue has dealt with vandalism in the past. She was upset about the fliers and says the racist messages do not belong in our country's dialogue.

"Not in almost 2017, not at any time. We're better than this," Mandel said.

"We're going into 2017, and we've come a long way since the days of the Klan and racism and it's hurtful, especially during Christmas and New Year's," Torruella said.

Several religious leaders in Sunbury are coming together for a peaceful rally Friday in front of the mosque.

"Letting them know that when they come in to pray that they're safe and that they're surrounded by love. More love in the community than hate," Mandel said.

The peaceful rally is scheduled for Friday at 1 p.m. in front of the Sunbury Islamic Center at 4th and Arch Streets in Sunbury.

The rabbi says that's the time the Muslim community prays, and the religious leaders want them to feel safe and welcome.


      • Bill K.

        Hey TomTom, does someone have to explain everything to you? Do you always have problems figuring out what people mean? Can’t you infer anything without someone breaking it down to smaller words for you? OK, MagicMike’s point is that anyone who disagrees with one of you bleeding hearts is automatically a racist. Fine, guilty as charged. I AM a racist. No argument with that one. But if you love these muzzy refugees so much I expect you have two or three in your own home. Or if you have no room you’re paying for a couple of hotel rooms, right? And I bet you set a few up to date your daughter also. No worries that they’ll leave the country and abduct her, are there?

      • MAGA

        Well, Bill K, if up and down votes are any indication…… you’re an idiot! Thanks for playing….Don, what do we have for our parting guest?


  • tomtom

    you are all idiots…sitting and waiting for my meds to arrive…been about a week…I think…in and out…nobody listened to billy bob in slingblade…easier to find a Kenya west greatest hits cd…what happened to Shania twain???and you people are worried about muslims…can’t blame my boy Trump for this one…stop crying and man (or woman) UP!!!

  • Valfreyja

    I imagine it’s not easy to be a Muslim in Pennsylvania. Just know not all of us are hateful Trump supporters. You have friends here.

    • Bill K.

      And we better be watching their “friends” as that’s called aiding and abetting the enemy. Make no mistake about it, the muslims are our enemies. Their own “holy” ( call it dirty) book says to kill all who aren’t muslim. Come ON people wise up, that’s coming right from the source. Am I afraid when I see them walk around? Yeah, I don’t know what assault weapons they have under all that bulk clothing. Or how many sticks of dynamite.

  • I Am The Antipope

    Racist against whom?

    There are many white Muslims in Bosnia Herecgovina.

    Islam is a religion, an ideology, not a race.

  • Bill K.

    I find “black power” signs and “black lives matter” signs racist and unwelcome too. But they’re everywhere and applauded.

      • Thomas

        Yep, fighting for equality by rioting, looting, raping, and by creating hoax crimes. Yep, that acceptable. No doubt in my mimd this is just ANOTHER HOAX by blm or a radical muslim, just like all the other. White “trump voters” are too busy working to support welfare queens and there families to be bothered with this foolishness

      • magicmikexxsm

        CASHMI They already have equality, so what are they really fighting for????? do they still sit in the back of the bus???? or use a different water fountain………smarten up…

      • magicmikexxsm

        SPADE so you say the USA is no better then those countries…….wow…..are you stupid……
        When was the last time you seen a gay or lesbian tossed of the 20 story building???? to their deaths?? or women here in the USA can’t drive????or about a dozen other things all those other so called countries you say we are just like…you know you are free to leave…..I’ve been in about 20 different countries around the world, and the good ol USA is still the best…..

      • MAGA

        Christians are Idolaters! No one raises a man to be a god! Jesus was a poor palestinian making a living of carpentry until he dabbled in politics. Considering the political times, he got what was coming to him!

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