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Last-Minute Pine Pickers in the Poconos

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MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- For the Pheasant family from Marshalls Creek, coming to Regina Farms near Marshalls Creek during the holidays is a tradition.

This year, they came a little later than usual to pick their pine, but they had a pretty good reason for it.

"It's a combination of us finishing up finals, coming home from college and school, and trying to get the whole family together," said Michael Pheasant of Marshalls Creek.

Picking a Christmas tree together is a tradition for this family, a tradition this mom of four didn't want to give up.  So she waited until her little elves came home for winter break.

"This is a tradition. We come to Regina Farms all the time and we go in and get hot chocolate and we've been doing it for about 16 years," Dorothy Pheasant, Marshalls Creek.

"We've been doing it for as long as I can remember, and it has always been a highlight of the holiday season," said Andrew Pheasant of Marshalls Creek.

Workers at Regina Farms tell us sometimes people come in late and frantic to get a Christmas tree and sometimes, it's just tradition. Either way, they get a merry surprise because all of these trees are half off.

"Yeah, we are already starting to clean up, so we have the last hundred trees or so and once we get these out, that's it," said Soren Elias, Regina Farms employee.

And whether people are picking up trees or wreaths, workers say business will stay steady until the last minute.

"They are hustling, trying to get their tree in before the last couple day. They have an hour left sometimes, Saturday will be fun," said Elias.

And if you find yourself still without a tree, there are still plenty out there.

Farmers tell Newswatch 16 people who wait often find themselves with a tree that will last well past the holidays.