1982 Convicted Murderer To Be Released From Prison

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WILKES-BARRE-- After more than 34 years in prison, 62-year-old Tyrone Moore is set to be a free man after agreeing to a plea deal Thursday.

Moore was convicted and sentenced to death for murdering Nicholas Romanchick at an animal hospital in October of 1982.

According to investigators, Romanchick was with his wife at the Forty Fort Animal Hospital getting his cat checked out, when  Moore, along with an accomplice, walked in, robbed the place, and shot Romanchick.

Romanchick died from the gunshot wound nearly two weeks later.

Moore spent years in solitary confinement on death row. Over the next several decades, he appealed his conviction, arguing that his defense counsel was inadequate. Eventually, a re-trial was ordered in 2014.

"We're here today because a federal judge identified great deficiencies in the defense of Tyrone Moore 34 years ago," said Luzerne County First Assistant District Attorney Jarrett Ferentino. "We were faced with the prospect of re-trying a case where the witnesses are dead, their testimony would be inadmissible, so we arrived at what we believed was the fairest result."

On Thursday, Moore pleaded no contest to third-degree murder and sentenced to 20 years in prison with time served.

Walking out of the courthouse, Moore told Newswatch 16 that he was blessed to be able to return home. Moore emphasized that was still wholeheartedly innocent of all charges, but he agreed to a plea deal so he could finally be home with his family after more than 34 years in prison.

Moore will be transferred to the state prison near King of Prussia, where he is expected to be processed and released over the next several days.

As part of his plea agreement, he is not allowed any contact with the victim's family.


  • CeeMe

    Someone killed that man, who will not be home with his family after all these years. In the final end, justice will be served.

  • CanYouRead

    Hey Natalie! ” if he’s innocent “!???? The guy is and was tried more then thirty four years ago duh! Can’t you read? He’s about as innocent as O.J ! Except this guy was found guilty and sentenced to die for what he clearly did and admitted to however his free lawyer did something wrong and now all the witnesses are dead and he walks! So if you ever wanna kill someone make sure all the witnesses are over 70 years old so you’ll be out in around 30 years max!

  • i quit..

    All these inadequate lawyers. Don’t forget lawyers are who run this whole system. Question is the victim still DEAD? I’ll bet he is. SYSTEM SUCKS..

  • Bill K.

    If all you bleeding hearts really believe he is not guilty then I guess none of you would have any problems with him moving in your house, would you? Or perhaps you could let him borrow your credit card and take him to the mall. Why, he’s “jus’ tryn’ ta gut hiz laf bak togeta”, he’ll be able to repay you in a week or two after he’s paid. What’s the matter? No takers?

  • burtfan16

    That’s the problem with our justice system. Most murderers sentenced to death usually just die in prison. We should either have a swift death penalty system or no death penalty at all. What’s the point?

  • Chris Seegar

    Why wasn’t this no good rotten you know what put to sleep years ago? So now anyone on death row whom the witnesses are all dead will be released? I hope someone in the guy he killed family does some of their own justice on this wild a p e!

    • Bill K.

      Totally agree Chris, especially about the animal analogy. No reason why we should keep him alive. Oh well, maybe there is a reason. How about slave labor? How about harvesting his organs for the critically ill? Skin that bustard alive and use it for skin grafts. Drain his blood and use it for transfusions. What if he has some weird disease? Well in that case he’s prime for medical experimentation. I see no reason why we can’t put him to some good use.

  • Feed Me More

    are we going to hear about every single person released from prison now from WNEP? if so, you might want to create a new 24/7 WNEP3 channel just for that

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