Honesdale for the Holidays 

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HONESDALE -- The holiday shopping season has been in full swing for weeks, and one downtown in Wayne County is cashing in on the success of shopping local.

In all the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping season, stores in downtown Honesdale have been steady so far with just days until Christmas.

The Wallflower has been around a few decades, and owner Joyce Debastiani's fingers have been wrapping gifts 'round the clock for customers.

"We are so blessed. We're in a renaissance, so many stores that have come back to Honesdale and some really cool ones. People are walking around. We've been hopping this year," she said.

The Wallflower and other stores on Main Street have a loyal following each and every December. For some, it's the charm of being able to spend time and money in their own community.

"It's nice, too, for a community feel. When you're in stores like this, you see people you know. It's really nice, that's why we live here," said Meagan Murray of Honesdale.

New businesses have opened in the borough within the last year as well adding a different flavor for people who want to find the perfect presents for under the tree.

"I think it's cool to create a spot in town where people can shop again. It used to be really popular. Kind of died down with the boom of the internet. Now we're bringing it back. You can do all your Christmas shopping in one place," said Jake Martin, Black and Brass Coffee.

Gone are the days of having just downtown businesses to shop for all your holiday needs. There's online retailers and big box stores now. Individual businesses have had to attract customers in their own ways and it seems to have been working quite well.

"When the big businesses set in, I was sad because I thought all this would disappear, but it has grown instead," said Marianne Milks of Honesdale.

Whether it's this season or any other, business owners, including Bill Anton at Milkweed, are thankful this holiday season for each other, and of course, the shoppers that keep coming back.

"The more the better, more businesses move in, the more stores open up. It all helps build on the whole town," Anton said.