Helping Monroe County Meals on Wheels Spread Holiday Cheer

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STROUDSBURG -- An organization in the Poconos put smiles on the faces of many people on Wednesday.

Monroe County Meals on Wheels not only dropped off food to clients but also something from the North Pole.

But that organization could use some help itself.

Loading up coolers one by one, volunteers from Monroe County Meals on Wheels spent their day giving back to their community.

Sherry Ludwig from East Stroudsburg has been doing it for 12 years.

"I love it! It's a good organization. People love us. We love them. What can I say?" said Ludwig.

The nonprofit organization feeds hundreds of seniors and people with disabilities in the Monroe County area each week.

Volunteers, like Carol Baird from Reeders, will make about 30 drop-offs a day, but she doesn't mind, especially around the holidays.

"It's nice to be appreciated and when people say thank you, we have to say back, 'No, thank you,' because we enjoy doing this," said Baird.

In addition to the meals, volunteers will also be dropping off presents, warm wishes for their clients this holiday season.

Some of the presents came from a program called, "Santa for a Senior." Others, like some blankets, came from members of Meals on Wheels.

"So many of them are so isolated and alone and it may be the only present that they get," said Baird.

Executive Director Heidi Fareri tells Newswatch 16 while the organization is used to giving, they could also benefit from receiving some help from the community, too, by way of volunteering.

"We can always use more," said Fareri. "Our routes are very long and we'd like to plan in 2017 to break those up so they are not quite as long and we are hoping it's a way to help attract more volunteers."

If you're interested in volunteering with Monroe County Meals on Wheels, click here.