Bradford County Sheriff’s Naughty List Released

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TOWANDA -- This year the Bradford County Courthouse held a door decorating competition. The secretaries in the Bradford County sheriff's office used that as an opportunity to hopefully get some names off their naughty list this year.

Inside the Bradford County Courthouse, stockings are hung with care.

"We're trying to get a little festive, yeah," said Lacey Maryott.

Before the presents are put under the tree, there are a few names the sheriff's department hopes to check off the naughty list.

"You can get off the naughty list sometimes very easily just come and pay what you owe," said Maryott.

If you are on the list on the wall outside the sheriff’s office, you have an outstanding warrant in Bradford County.

"We on a daily basis are out on the streets trying to find them," said Maryott.

There are more than 800 outstanding warrants in Bradford County, so as part of a door decorating competition at the courthouse in Towanda, the secretaries in the sheriff's office decided to post a naughty list of their own.

The sheriff's office left a window open so folks can add themselves to the naughty list and take a picture underneath a wanted sign, but the display is also a chance for the office to let people know who they're looking for in the county.

"The warrants are for fines and costs, unpaid child support, contempt of court," said Sheriff Clinton Walters.

"I guess they need to come pay their fines," said Paul Crispell Jr.

Crispell admits he's had an outstanding warrant before.

"Just get it over with. Pay the fine and go do their time and get it over with,” said Crispell.

Sheriff Clinton Walters has already received calls and tips since his office posted the pictures on Monday.

"Within the next couple of days there will probably be some of those naughty, on the naughty list going to jail," said Sheriff Walters.

If you know someone on this list you are asked to call the sheriff’s office in Bradford County.


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