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Callie’s Candy Kitchen Ready for Holiday Rush

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MOUNTAINHOME -- A candy kitchen in the Poconos is very busy this week whipping up plenty of treats for the holidays.

Satisfying your sweet tooth during the holidays isn't all that difficult, especially when you walk into Callie's Candy Kitchen in Mountainhome.

On Tuesday, the place was packed with people picking up holiday treats.

"I like to buy local and I don't think there is enough of that. This is wonderful. It's been here forever," said Shelia Bortree of Henryville.

Owners start preparing for Christmas the day after Halloween, and this week is the big rush to the register.

Whether you're pining for milk, dark, or white chocolate, keeping these shelves full is no easy task.

"You'll see us constantly making. You see something is running low, it's time to make another batch," said employee Kathy Scrudato. "The weekends are prime time for when we are really creating things for those empty shelves to fill them."

At Callie's you can find a number of different holiday creations, fun for the whole family -- Rudolph's nose, licorice coal, and snowman and reindeer poop! That all might sound a little strange, but it's a tradition for many people in the Poconos.

"The holidays are about eating everything fun!" said Andrea Hermas of Cresco.

Hermas and her husband have been coming to Callie's for years. It's a tradition that goes back three generations.

"Our parents brought us here, then we brought our kids here and now we bring our grandchildren so the tradition is coming to Callie's."

So what's on everyone's shopping list this holiday season?

"For me, it's the chocolate-covered caramels, absolutely," said Bob Hermas.

"Chocolate strawberries and cream cheese fudge," added Andrea.

Soon after the shelves clear of Christmas cheer, it's on to preparing for Valentine's Day and Easter.