Protesting the Electoral Vote in Harrisburg

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HARRISBURG -- Because Donald Trump won the popular vote here in Pennsylvania, the state's 20 electors are Republicans and all cast their electoral votes for Donald Trump.

That vote took place as hundreds of anti-Trump demonstrators protested at the Capitol in Harrisburg.

The Electoral College likely never received this much attention in Pennsylvania. Neither have the 20 electors, who've been besieged with mail, email, and a capitol rotunda full of protesters -- none of which persuaded them to vote for someone other than Donald Trump.

It was the last ditch effort to stop Donald Trump's Election Day win in Pennsylvania from becoming official. Protesters circled the Capitol building in Harrisburg.

"We're sending a message at state capitols all through the country. There are people out here, and this isn't the last thing we're going to do," said one protester.

Inside, more than 100 jammed the Capitol rotunda to continue to urge the 20 Pennsylvania electors to dump Trump.

If the cries of protest could be heard on the other side of the wall in the state house chamber, they fell on deaf ears.

It took 50 minutes for the ceremonial procedure to wrap up with all 20 Republican electors voting for Trump.

"My congressional district told me, 'Trump,''' said Ash Khare, an elector from Montgomery County. "I was a Trump delegate, and I'm proud to be a Trump person."

Pennsylvania's 20 electors include Republican businesswoman Carol Sides of Williamsport, a Trump supporter who called her time as an elector, "uncomfortable." After receiving 3,000 letters and many phone calls, she told a newspaper in Harrisburg, "I did not know I would have to go through this for weeks."

The other elector from our region is Republican State Representative Tina Pickett of Towanda, who says she appreciated the importance of the process.

"I even appreciated the governor's remark that he made in the speech where he said, 'savor the walk to the ballot box because it is a big piece of history and you really have to think about that as you walk up there,'" said Rep. Pickett.

There was not a single word of dissent inside during the formal ceremony to award our state's electoral votes to Donald Trump.

Demonstrators outside the Capitol say they'll keep standing up to Trump no matter what.


  • Robert

    The funny part about these left wing wackos, is they would really hate majority (Mob) rule. Go find a safe space to pout, while the rest of us make America Great Again.

    • Joshua

      Didn’t your hero complain about the theater not being a safe space for Pence? Or does the safe space motive only work when it fits your prerogative?

      • Robert

        Not sure you know who my hero’s are. You didn’t provide enough information in your reply.
        If your implying Trump, your so wrong its not worth the time to attempt to describe how wrong.
        I think my hero is my father. However there where many great men who came before him.
        Keeping safe from physical violence vs keeping your feelings safe is ‘apples to oranges’ my friend.
        Reducing an argument to the absurd is what your attempting to do. One of my hero’s coined that phrase (Reductio ad absurdum).
        Now, go out and get a job, and help America be great again!!

      • Robert

        P.S. While the media would have us think the president rules like the king it does not.
        The Bernie Sanders left, and the Bush right hate Trump. While much discussion over the actual alignment of Trump never really became a issue in the presidential election, I found that interesting.
        Trump has the opportunity to be the best libertarian president in the history of this country.

  • Pete

    This is why people waited hours to vote for Trump: WNEP just spent more time covering the protestors than the official win of the President Elect. The media plays to HRC and her supporters and have increased the divisiveness in our society. Not a word HRC’s promise to accept the results and then harass and threaten electors with the full support of the Hollywood crowd trying to overturn the election results. Hypocrites all. Is it all because the head of ABC News is a big donor and HRC supporter? Walter Cronkite and other legitimate journalists of the past are turning over in their graves.

    • Silverfish Imperetrix

      Not to take anything away from your post, but Cronkite was never a “legitimate journalist”…people just weren’t looking for slanted reporting (to say the least) back then. The left was champing at the bit, waiting for television to be developed in the late 1940s after they saw the power of the message that radio brought to the masses, i.e. Orson Welles’ “The War Of The Worlds”, and commercials. They saw the innate power of words and images in every American home to achieve their nefarious ends. (If you get a chance, read “Primetime Propaganda: How The Left Took Over Television” by Ben Shapiro.)

  • Dan Wesson

    Thank God It’s over. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Now go have some Hot Coco, find a coloring book and have at it. MERRY CHRISTMAS

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