Police Ready to Crack Down on DUI Drivers over the Holidays

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STROUDSBURG -- Police in the Poconos are warning drivers they will be cracking down on drunk drivers during the holidays.

Police said they will be keeping a closer eye on traffic looking for those who may be impaired.

At a news conference announcing the "Drive Sober, Or Get Pulled Over" effort on Monday, officers said there is zero tolerance for drunk driving.

"We do this every year, but this year we were trying to get more involved, more publicity and trying to get the bar owners involved and just to coordinate everything together," said Monroe County Chief Detective Eric Kerchner.

National statistics show more than 10,000 died from crashes where the driver was under the influence last year.


  • Bleepnoid

    The anti-teacher squad has shifted priorities. Driving while impaired should be met ith a police baton across the head. How dare you people defend impaired motorists!!!!

  • Fed Up Driver

    It works both ways this year. We (the motoring public) will have a zero tolerance of profiling, harassment and excessive use of force by the shaved head goons who pose as police. We had enough of the hard-handed tactics used by cops, and this year every effort will be made to put an end to it.

  • i quit..

    Sure tell the bars where checkpoints will be.. Just sucking up overtime to do a job they should be doing all year..

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