Battling the Wintry Conditions

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WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP -- With just a week to go before Christmas, things are busy at the Wyoming Valley Mall near Wilkes-Barre, as shoppers dealt with slippery roadways and crews cleared parking lots.

"You're going to have this weather and it is what it is," said Josh Courter of Laflin.

Brad Thompson drove all the way from Tunkhannock to get himself an early Christmas present: a new snowblower. Thompson was willing to drive in whatever condition the roads were in.

"The difference in the roads from where I lived to here, it was completely different," he added. "As soon as you come through the rock cut and into Luzerne County, there's nothing on the roads. Out where I live, there's 3-4 inches out on the roads."

Take a drive up Interstate 81 and you'll find more people battling the elements.

Marty Henehan handed out blankets, coats, and other clothes to the homeless as part of the Sammi Foundation. It's all to honor his 23-year-old daughter who died earlier this year as a result of a heroin overdose.

"Along with food, clothing is a lifesaving gift," said Henehan. "I think it's very important right now. And we shouldn't be hampered or deterred from this weather to give it to them."

For those out battling the snow, sleet, rain, and frigid temperatures, a gift like this can make all the difference.

"It's grateful and we appreciate everything they're doing for us," added Cynthia Joyce of Scranton.


  • Terry

    Battle “fight or struggle tenaciously to achieve or resist something” I didn’t see any “battling” in this story. At most a minor inconvenience if that” When is WNEP going to get it? The fear mongering sensationalism type journalism “click bait” is corny. Where is the integrity and the desire to provide a good product? The desire to be better than the competitor. The feeling of know you did an honest days work? There is a culture at WNEP that is void of integrity, honesty, and basic journalism quality.

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