Strike to End in Dallas School District

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DALLAS TOWNSHIP -- The strike by teachers in the Dallas School District is over and teachers will return to the classroom on Monday, December 19, according to a release from the teachers' union.

Teachers in the district in Luzerne County have been on strike since November 14.

The teachers and the school board disagree on several issues including salaries, health care, and early retirement.



  • nasca7

    This headline is misleading. The strike is not ending. The walkout is ending. Negotiations are continuing. The walkout ended for two main reasons. First, the state was about to send the teachers back to the classrooms anyway to comply with the 180 day rule. Secondly, it’s too cold to picket.

  • sc

    so much for free speach…..
    its funny how some peoples opinions are Moderated when others are not……
    Shove your anti-constitutional socialist moderation where the sun dont shine.
    THIS IS why TRUMP was elected….responsable, hard working americans are fed up!

  • sc

    im NOT (PRO-___ anything) except maybe life But my feelings on this are that Most teachers have families to….
    these days….a (WORKING) family of even 3 needs an income of atleast $60,000 JUST to get by. that leaves nothing for savings or enrichment.
    I dont mind my tax dollars from my labor and income being reasonably adjusted to support our teachers because my kids and i NEED those teachers and the schools.
    i dont like having a country where BOTH parents must work just to survive. kids need good parental/family connection above all.
    Liberation movement was great but as usual, taken way too far and result is massive inflation.
    To all the Great teachers out there that love our kids and do 100%…..THANK YOU! i happily support you.
    the others…the minimalists…( dont let the door hit you on the way out)

  • chopdoc

    Seems to me like a bunch of green little monsters took this page over. If being a teacher is so easy, why didn’t you chose the profession? Don’t get yourself too blue in the face just because you are not happy you are required to work a 9-5, 365 days a year, as well as pay for your health care. Teachers are wise and sharp as tacks, maybe you should have been too. WORK SMART.

      • chopdoc

        Your username as well as the way you speak clearly shows you couldn’t educate children even if you wanted to. My guess by the way you present yourself, would be that you clean dirty rent a johns as your humble occupation.

      • McCracken

        If all of us became teachers, a lot of the teachers you’re defending would be unemployed. There wouldn’t be enough teaching positions to go around.

    • sc

      everyone that gives 100% to their occupation IS essential and worthy of respect no matter their position from custodian to surgeon and belittling someone due to their job or income level is poor character quality.
      Great teachers are essential when they teach from their heart, math,reading,english,science,art,physed,music,geography,history….BUT NOT SOCIAL STUDIES!
      Teachers NEED to be evaluated regularly on their performance and salary/compensation AND career future should be dependent on this and NOT shielded by a UNION.
      Unions are NOT what they once started off as long ago and often incite agression, shield/protect the lazy,minimalists and sometimes criminal. They are also extremely politically biassed and socialist. I dont feel Unions have Any place in Public sector/service.!!!
      Politics should NEVER be discussed in public grade schools nor should any religion and often we find students are persuaded at some point.
      that is personal and we should Never be taught to assimilate.
      Im in my 40s and to this day LOVE some of my teachers from K-12th. Some become friends and none are forgotten.

  • McCracken

    I guess the teachers didn’t feel like they should pay for their gloves and jackets, either. Why didn’t the taxpayers provide them with such garments?

  • smashed apple hole

    If the union could supply Salamander heaters this strike would still be going on. TEACHERS, you are a joke and should be ashamed of yourselves. UNION, you are a joke and should be ashamed of yourselves. I would rather clean toilets than to tell people I am a teacher.

  • i quit..

    Now teachers can take their pats or the back,for going back to work. Should have done it 30 days ago. guess it only took cold weather. Now board should start looking for replacements for all of them..


    Since when do white-collar jobs need protection of a union? That’s right since all teachers are weakling lib-tards that have no spine. Unionizing if you’re busting your back mining coal, the greatest fuel source God has ever given us next to uranium tha’ts one thing, but teachers are just a bunch of soft,lazy, selfish, undisciplined, and usually obese wastes of space and resources. If the school board was smart they’d hire scabs and let the teachers picket in the freezing cold.

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