Heating Companies See Business Boom

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MOUNT POCONO -- The bitterly cold temperatures are making many people realize they need to fill up on fuel for their furnace to keep warm.

Fuel oil companies say their phones have been ringing constantly in recent days, and delivery trucks are on the road almost non-stop.

Oil companies have their hands full trying to keep their customers warm.

Newswatch 16 spoke with one company whose driver is expected to make 30 stops before the end of the day.

Elaine Bartholmew is the manager at Pocono Oil and Heat in Bartonsville. She says even before she started her shift, the phone lines have been busy.

All around the Stroudsburg area, Newswatch 16 spotted oil trucks fueling houses.

"People are going to see that they want to get a delivery today and unfortunately trying to fit them in today isn't going to be that easy because we are already dealing with the people that had the foresight to go ahead and order already," Bartholmew said.

It's one of the busiest times for Pocono Oil and Heat and that's why they want to make sure you don't wait until the last minute to refuel.

"When your gauge is at a quarter, you need to call us when your gauge is at a quarter, above a quarter, call us. We'd rather fit you in sooner rather than later," Bartholmew added.

Andrew Dodsworth was in the process of making deliveries, 30 in all.

"Busy day," said Dodsworth. 'It's everywhere. There's no planned routes, the phone rings and rings and you just do the best you can to get there."

Pocono Oil and Heat says if you decide to refuel yourself, make sure to properly clean your can and don't mix kerosene with diesel.


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