Barletta on Russian Hack

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HAZLETON -- Intelligence agencies say there is more evidence Russia interfered in the recent presidential election with the goal of helping Donald Trump get elected.

Newswatch 16 spoke with US Congressman Lou Barletta on Friday as he handed out medals to military veterans at his office in Hazleton.

Barletta was one of Trump's first supporters.

While the Republican congressman says Russian hacking raises concerns, he believes Democrats are overstating the impact on the presidential race.

"A lot of it is sour grapes. It seems like it is just one accusation after another to try to somehow take away the election results that Donald Trump had won," Barletta said.


  • WarningFakeNews

    One bright side of this farce is the possibility that this will allow the new administration to use this to fully open investigations into overall voter fraud, concentrating on how elections have been historically rigged by such methods as failing to remove dead people (Who, for some reason, tend to vote democrat after dying), allowing illegal aliens to vote, and the disenfranchising of the inner-city voters by stuffing the ballot boxes for the democrat candidate by the poll workers for anyone who fails to show up to vote. It defies common sense how some of these districts have 100% turnout each presidential election, yet these are things that they expect us to look the other way on. Let’s get as much fraud out of the process as possible to insure the sanctity of the vote for every citizen.

    • Seneca

      Indeed, Warning, the incoming administration has to do something about all this. The Democratic party wants to alter the profound finality of the Four Last Things. If they had their way, there would be five–death, judgement, heaven, hell, and voting Democrat.

      • WarningFakeNews

        And of course, taxes from the dead people. (Oh, I forgot, they do that already with the death tax, taking as much as half of all property from people like family farmers – and after that money was already taxed at least once.)

  • Mark Logan

    Anyone politician who ignores the seriousness of what the Russians did and instead falsely proclaims that it is just sour grapes has no place in politics and needs to have his head examined. Election fraud, as Trump apparently knows from his false claims of it being ‘rigged’ by the Democrats is a serious threat to our country and our democracy, ESPECIALLY if it is done from an enemy state. If Barletta doesn’t have the guts to admit to the problem and get to the root of it, he should just resign. Barletta is nothing but a lackey for Trump and is just as utterly unqualified to do anything except fight for the rights of corporate donors and the like. God bless our nation with people such as him in trust of keeping our country on an even keel.

  • Really!

    Dear Conroy, if the elections were rigged for President Trump then why were machines switching votes to Hillary? Just face the facts that America is taking its country back!

  • marbs

    I think this is being blown out of proportion by the media. If you read real news articles someone sent a phishing e-mail (like most people get every day but are smart enough to delete) to John Podesta who was head of the Clinton campaign in order to get his e-mail password. Well guess what the idiot on advice from another idiot on his IT team clicked through and that was that. His e-mails and all the dirty dealings of the campaign were exposed. The election results were never” hacked”.

  • Conroy

    Considering the CIA (the one that opened Clintons case again a week before elections) just backed up the FBI’s claim of Russian hacking plus many other investigative organizations agreeing it’s a fact at this point. Also with the elections manager for Luzern county, that won Trump PA and is literally facing worldwide scorn right now, facing charges for death threats (stupid, impatient, and violent. Obvious Trump voter) it’s possible he rigged Luzern for Trump. So yeah, with that plus russia pretty sure that even by the standards you Trump supporters set he did not fairly win. Que comments about my liberal indoctrination or whatever..

  • Common Sense

    IF the “hacking” took place, it is yet another “O” failure to keep us secure.
    IF the “hacking” DIDN’T happen, it is “Fake News”. (I’m going with this, ZERO evidence of hacking AND I would like assume we are secure)
    One or the other………..
    Either way it has nothing to do with Republicans or the RNC.

    • WarningFakeNews

      There’s also the enormous possibility that there was a leak, someone – possibly a burned Bernie supporter- who wanted to exact revenge. In any case, the emails provided a rare glimpse to the inner workings of the democrat machine. Project Veritas shed even more light into how far some will go in order to try and promote violence and then blame innocent parties- all as a normal course of doing business. They also exposed voter fraud, but while you needed a photo ID to attend a Hillary speech, they declare that it would ‘suppress the vote’ at the ballot box. Yes, it would ‘suppress the vote’ of ILLEGAL voters.

  • Valfreyja

    So now partisans turn the other way when our democratic process is subverted simply because it doesn’t speak to their narrative?

    Ladies and gentlemen, fascism is now confirmed.

    • Seneca

      Good grief, Valfreyja! Fascism is a dead and disproven ideology, extinct in the last century. No one with any credibility believes it, but the name is used by the left as an attack word. Use by the left against people and things it doesn’t like have diminished the credibility of any argument using the word.

      More’s the pity since some points made by the left against problems in our government and politics are justified. But perhaps they should discard “fascism”. Try using corruption, dishonesty, biased, prejudiced, or the like. I’d be the first to agree such things abound in our system, and many posting on this website may agree with you.

  • WarningFakeNews

    When the NYT and the WP lead the media into a feeding frenzy like this, it’s a coordinated narrative being pushed by the DNC. It’s fake news, the media has almost no credibility any more and they should be ignored, or better at, laughed at. Wikileaks exposed the incestuous relationship between the media and the DNC, we all saw it spelled out.

      • WarningFakeNews

        Schools have become indoctrination centers for the left. I’ve decided to do something far more dangerous to them, I love learning and I am open minded. I study ALL sides and then decide for myself. It’s different, I know, but it’s worth a try. What the left fears about Trump is that long last, someone came along that isn’t playing by their rules and can’t be bought. It’s wonderful to watch.

    • Mark Logan

      The only coordinated effort comes from the likes of Fox News, The Daily Caller, Rush Limbaugh and the like (and let’s not forget their new buddy Mr. Putin). All alt-right drivel garbage disguised as news and used to sway easily malleable minds like you own toward their own insane and destructive conspiracy theories. The only thing that should be ignored or laughed at are people like you who don’t even realize that they have been duped and who just feed into the great Republican propaganda machine. You are truly putty in their hands – great job and get a clue.

      • Chris Seegar

        I’m not sure at which point Mr Logan you were persuaded to vote for whom you did but I made a educated choice the day after they nominated the career lying despicable deplorable cheating no good rotten thing they call Hillary! Neither Russia nor any hacks changed my mind and I also profited quite well on that bet!

      • Seneca

        Mr. Logan, your comment suggests you have fallen victim to the very problem through your own choice of “insane and destructive conspiracy theories”. In this most recent election the best thing any responsible voter could have done is what Warning suggested, namely to do the research and consider all sides of the issues at hand. This was especially important in the 2016 election because the ongoing debate regarding personalites tended to overshadow many of the issues.

    • Seneca

      Quite right, Warning. Odds are that once the new administration is seated, any intelligence or law enforcement “investigations” of Russian involvement in the elections will be quietly abandoned as our new national leadership directs their attention to more pressing (and valid) issues.

      But this whole shameful misuse of government resources will have done its job. And that will be to help justify the continuing effort of the left to question the legitimacy of the 2016 elections. We’ll keep hearing about this from the so-called progressives and their media allies for some time to come.

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