Trump Makes Stop in Hershey for Thank You Tour

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HERSHEY -- The next President of the United States made a stop in Hershey Thursday. This was Donald trump's first time back in the Keystone state since winning the Presidential election.

Thursday's rally was part of his thank you tour.

President-elect Donald Trump says he wants to thank each and every person who voted for him.

"Merry Christmas everybody, Merry Christmas! I'm here today for one main reason to say thank you to the incredible people of Pennsylvania, thank you, thank you!" exclaimed the President-elect.

Thousands of people filled the Giant Center in Hershey to hear what President-elect Trump had to say on his thank-you tour.

Some traveled for hours and stood in line in frigid temperatures to hear Trump speak, including many from northeastern and central Pennsylvania.

"We thought it was important to bring our kids, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for them so we pulled them out of school just for this today," said Jennifer Shrack of Avis.

"I'm just really proud of Pennsylvania and I just wanted to be part of it, I wanted to be part of the fun and the excitement of it all," commented Shanon Cook of Jersey Shore.

Supporters called this rally a celebration.

"Not only did Pennsylvania take him over the top but Schuylkill County, our very own Schuylkill County had the highest percentage of flips from democrat to republican in the entire state," said Janice Johnston of Frackville.

Trump talked about rebuilding the military, lowering taxes, and bringing back jobs. He promised the crowd he will 'never let them down.'

"The patriots in this arena tonight stood up for themselves and their families and showed the world that the American people still run our country," added Lisa Sprenkel of Sunbury.

Trump's thank you tour is not over yet. The President-elect plans to visit Florida and Alabama in the coming days.


  • go find your safe space

    A president that will create jobs, lower taxes, defend our border and fight ISIS instead of being friends with them…the horror!

    • Sig Hiel

      Oh give me a break with your whining about Obama.Employment went down from 12% to just recently 4.5%. Is some military force coming across our border? It’s not like every other President had to deal with Illegals. Ummm He is bombing Isis…He also took out Osama Bin laden and all their top leaders..Something Bush was unable to do..Friends with Isis Give me a break..Didn’t a member of the Republican Party have a picture taken with an Isis leader shaking his hand.Who was that arrogant Senator from Arizona? To top it off Obama got you health care and now your going to lose that and your SS will be gutted and it’s all over Hate….. BTW he hasn’t gotten the Job yet so I would wait on him doing anything you already have him accomplishing..

      • magicmikexxsm

        SIG HIEL Not the sharpest tool in the shed are you…
        “Obama.Employment went down from 12% to just recently 4.5%”
        you really think those are the true unemployment numbers ? right LOL LOL…
        what about the 95 to 100 million people out of work and not being counted???? can you say fuzzy math…duh………………

  • Tom

    I wouldn’t walk across the street to see Trump”s
    🎼”Oh Come Let You Adore Me” tour. He’s a fake and a fraud.

  • DCV

    Thank you tour??! LMAO!! Please, this man is a megalomaniac and these rallies are nothing but a platform for him to bask in the undying adulation of his beloved deplorables. Doesn’t he have more important things to do, like for instance, attend intelligence briefings or something? And he does love the uneducated…how ironic people take their children OUT of school to see this circus lol! Thanks WNEP, I needed a laugh today!!!

    • Tom

      More important things? Like making up some lame excuse why Putin had him placed in office? Or at least trying to figure out why? You and I see it. The rest of the world sees it. He and his deplorables can’t even see it, yet it is so glaringly obvious. LMAO. I wonder what tie he’ll wear for his mug shot.

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING! THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING! Who’ll have put Trump in office next? Spacemen? Cry, you loser, cry! Want some cheese to go with that whine? LOLOLOLOL

  • prom night dumpster baby

    Trump won’t age horribly through his presidency. He thrives on stress. Stress is his multi vitamin. The secret service can’t even keep up with him. Heck, Trump will probably look even better after 4 years than he already looks now.

  • Sig Hiel

    If you over 45 you would have noticed how the last Presidents looked when they started office and the huge difference when they left.. It’s a tough Job and it shows on every President..Trump loves fast food and is overweight..I give him 2 years before he keels over. Then we get President Goebbels…

  • chuck d.

    This man is a true, strong leader. He doesn’t need to do these thankyou tours. No other president-elect has ever done them. He does them out of love for country and the people. If Donald Trump was a lotion, I’d cover myself in him from head to toe.

  • Jack

    Im pretty sure the hammer has fallen under obama you morons. Everyones worried about there check that comes in the mailbox and free this and free that… well the people have spoken working class has sufferd enough under helliary and obummer. America has become a anything goes import all the scum so the working class can clean up there messes and give them a free ride. ALL you liberal babies can move to detroit im sure you support all the wonderfull things liberalls have done for the city.

    • lookback

      Finally, we will get rid of those scum waiting for their monthly government checks, friggen veterans and elderly medicare/social security people have been sucking off the system for too long. Soon it will all end and we will live in a pure utopian society. i agree with Jack, God is dead, long live Trump.

      • Jack

        Wait did trump not speak on the behalf of veterans who have long sufferd under liberals? You must be getting your false facts off the false news lmao!!! How about you talk about how much more payroll taxes you would of payed under hillary clinton? Less money in your paycheck everyweek but hey someday you can look forward to a extera .10 cents in your ss check! How about we retire with some dignity under where we make enough money to actualy retire rather than live off of a very small check see if you can wrap your liberal mind around that!

    • JessicaInWilliamsport

      Yeah we’ll continue all those giveaways to the corporations, and probably increase them. Especially with all the cronies in place…. who cares if grandma starves or freezes to death because her Social Security gets reduced. Who cares if those folks working at Wally World can’t even buy food from their place of employment…..who cares if the mom with 3 jobs can’t feed her kids, Trump is just awesome……. (psst…that was sarcasm in case you actually think I agree with you)

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        Just a reminder that your savior Obama didn’t give Social Security receipients a cost of living increase last year under the pretense that gas prices were low…many of them are seniors that don’t even drive anymore, and people that are disabled. Obama’s a liar AND a cheat!

  • Kevin

    did all the Hillary crying pansy university students go home for winter holiday ? maybe Mommy and Daddy have a puppy or something soft to cuddle while pansy university student is still upset over election.

  • Common Sense

    Thank You WNEP. I criticize aplenty…… I say, “Good Job”.
    NOW, why don’t you delete all these people with their negative, divisive, speculative, lieing BS comments trying to start trouble for nothing???? Except for their own self-centered butt-hurt problems…like their welfare check.

  • Chuck

    You pulled them out of school for the day? School doesn’t seem like it’s on the top of the list for you people who have been scammed by Mr Trump. You do realize he lied bout EVERYTHING. Look at the swamp he is FILLING. And now the GOP will get him to rubber stamp their agenda. Check out Paul Ryans website to see how he is going to take your Medicare. Check out Pat Toomeys website to see how much less SS you will be getting each month. An average of $187 less. Maybe more for you. What a bunch of dopes.

    • Conroy

      They won’t care. They won’t believe anything will happen until the hammer falls on them. But thank you Chuck for speaking reason on this site which is littered with the unreasonable.

    • Joe

      your public school / liberal indoctrination center education is shining through. . . get over the old playbook- it didn’t work this time. Maybe go to one of our universities and help the Hillary loving crying pansy students find their safe spaces and play with the puppies, kitties, string, blocks and matchbox cars.

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