Taylor Police Assemble ‘Active Shooter Bags’

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TAYLOR -- Two Taylor Police officers came to their chief a few weeks ago with an idea.  The department needed to improve its first aid.

"We carried first aid kits, Band-Aids, ice packs, the basics. Now we're getting into trauma dressings, these blood clotting agents, because of the way society is turning," said Taylor Police Chief Steven Derenick.

The department developed "active shooter bags" filled with advanced medical supplies, extra ammunition, along with tools to break glass or cut seatbelts.

"They started off with an extensive list, and they prioritized what they thought the officer would need on patrol, in case, God forbid, he ever got called to an active shooter incident," the Chief added.

Each bag costs more than $300. The department worked with EMTs from Pennsylvania Ambulance for their insight and to provide training.

"After 20 years of this, I wouldn't expect police officers to be out there carrying some of the equipment that we're supplying them with. I think it's definitely a change in society that everybody has to deal with, all phases of emergency services," said Bruce Beauvais of Pennsylvania Ambulance.

The officers said with the increase in shootings involving police nationwide, the active shooter bags may become the basic first aid kit.

"We are starting to see it and we've helped other departments do similar programs, not so much on this scale, but a little smaller scale. I expect once a bag like this is out there, I imagine other departments are going to get on board," Beauvais added.

Taylor borough paid for the new active shooter bags. There will be one in every patrol car in the department, a total cost of about $1,200.

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