Pet Protection in Cold Weather

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Ready or not, that frigid weather is on its way, and if it's too cold for you to be outside with highs only in the teens the next two days, it's probably too cold for your pets.

"They go from summer to winter and he's probably like, 'What is going on?'" said Roxann Freezer.

Leo, an Australian shepherd mix that's up for adoption at the SPCA in Lycoming County, has a big fur coat to keep him warm this winter.

"That doesn't mean he can be outside for 10 hours or overnight. You just have to use common sense," said Freezer.

"People don't prepare their animals for this," said Vickie Stryker.

Every year when the temperatures drop, the SPCA is called out to rescue pets. Last year, the humane officer was called out to help a dog that was left outside without shelter for too long.

"It appeared to have frozen to death. It was sad," said Stryker.

The SPCA wants to make sure pet owners have everything their animals need, including food and bedding for outdoor crates. However, the SPCA recommends keeping short-haired dogs inside.

"If you leave them out for an hour, they can develop frostbite on their ears, their paws, their tails," said Stryker.

Vickie Stryker knows animals will be left outside this winter. She advises keeping straw bedding in their crates.

"(Make sure) That it has adequate shelter to protect it from the cold and maintain its body heat and has fresh water because the water will freeze."

Even though pups like Leo may like the snow, they need shelter when it’s cold. Pet owners in need of straw or support are welcome to call the SPCA in Lycoming County.


  • Bleepnoid

    Good story. However, I do not believe the executive director of Lycoming county SPCA has law enforcement background–two years of courses required. Not quite sure why she was identified as a humane officer. They do not have an officer since Larry Woltz , passed.

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