Drivers Prepare for Gas Price Hike in Pennsylvania

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HAZLE TOWNSHIP -- Prepare your pockets because prices at the pump will be going up.

Drivers in Pennsylvania will soon be hit with the third and final phase of a gradual gas tax increase that is supposed to fund road improvements.

The commonwealth already has the highest gas tax in the country, but just after Christmas, that will go even higher--to the tune of about eight cents per gallon.

"I think the state of the roads in this state, we should have the lowest gas tax, because the roads are the worst of any I have traveled," said Alex Foster of Hegins.

The upcoming gas tax hike should be the last of a gradual gas tax increase that started in 2013 after the passing of the state law known as Act 89.

Taxes generated from Act 89 are used for repairs on state highways, roads, and bridges, but some drivers feel the gas tax they have been paying at the pump should already be enough for that.

"It's already the highest and we already have the worst roads, so they should be able to accommodate fixing the roads before they adjust anything," Foster said.

On top of the state's gas tax hike, prices at the pump could go even higher. Some estimate they could go as high as $3 a gallon again because of cuts to oil production.

"I think it stinks. I mean, how are you supposed to live with them hiking all the time? Like how are you supposed to get back and forth to work?" Michele Kobal of Westin said.

Near Hazleton, people like Kobal are frustrated by upcoming gas tax hike, and now they anticipate even more hikes to gas prices due to international agreements to cut oil production in order to control gas prices.

"This country has enough gas of its own to do that, enough oil to support ourselves," said Foster.

The state gas tax hike of eight cents per gallon will take effect January 1.

In the coming months, we will have to wait and see if American oil production offsets that pact made by oil producing countries.


  • Wooker1

    This is a travesty!! As commented, we have the highest fuel tax in the Nation but the worst roads bar none! Take Route 115 from Blakeslee to Wilkes Barre! This major artery is potholed from the turnpike entrance to Bear Creek Township. There are deep RUTS between the travel lanes that can cause drivers to damage their vehicles! I have had to call my State Representative on numerous occasions the get PennDOT District 4. If they do respond a road crew of 15 or twenty shows up and then only 2 or 3 actually work!! This is a “state welfare program” but a a MUCH higher cost!!

  • Sam I Am

    No good deed goes on punished !!

    We all do our part to conserve fuel, cars and trucks are more efficient these days, states rely on the fuel tax for various projects.
    States are getting less money these days, so they raise the speed limit so that we burn more fuel and they get more money, now they raise the tax too, why not, after all they raised the registration several times using the same old excuse that it is for road repairs.
    We do our part and now we get the shaft.

  • cat

    Also…………road improvements? Seriously? You’d have to be a moron to believe that’s where the money will go!

  • Joe

    hey that will give democrats something to smile about after the nationwide slaughter they’ve taken since Hussein Obama was elected ! another tax increase ! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy !!!!!

  • Sick of It

    Maybe if we contracted out ALL of that bridge and road work it would get done in a reasonable length of time. Go to other states and you see highways and bridges built in about a third of the time we get one small bridge repaired!!! Think how much could be accomplished by someone capable of doing the work! Throwing more tax money at incompetence isn’t an answer!

    • PenDot = More money for less work

      Exactly right !!!
      Look at how long it takes projects to be completed by PenDot. We have a small, and I do mean small, old stone bridge (if you can even call it that) which needed to be redone in the Maplewood section of Lake Ariel. They started it in 2015 with the surveying, then didn’t do anytthing else. Then they said it would start Spring of 2016, but they didn’t start it until the summer of 2016, but stated that it should be done by the end of the year. Now they barely work on it and people have been told that the couple of mile detour will be there for at least another year.
      Then look at the plowing. The news constantly praises them, but come up to Wayne County. For 30 years, as soon as you cross over the Lackawanna-Wayne County border, it is like night and day when it comes to taking care of the roads in the wintertime. With the storms we recently had, we have seen roads with 15 to 20 cars stuck on them, waiting for PenDot to come, who never pre-treated the roads. nor was out in the area, despite the fact that everyone knew the snow and snow squals were coming.

    • Givemeabreak

      What you people don’t get is they are one in the same. The wealthey people hire lobbiest to influence the laws Congress passes. These businessman are in the old boy’s club with the politicians.
      I know the right loves to always say, but they create jobs, they are so special. Why do they create jobs? Is it because they just like to help or is it because they create jobs to make more money for themselves. What they do is not noble or special. They just happen to have all the capital to do so and want a fatter bottom line. He who has all the gold sets all the golden rules.

  • John

    That will HELP the Taxpayers’ of the State to Prosper, and will REALLY help the Economy for some as well, But NOT the People that have to Drive to Work, or those who don’t have ,or can’t find a $10.00 hr. Job, of which gets you NOWHERE but further in Debt.

  • Wolf's a JOKER

    Do you now understand why Saudi Arabia gave Clinton millions for her campaign? They don’t want us drilling here and becoming non dependent of the big opec countries! Thankfully she wasn’t elected and within 3 years you’ll see gas a lot cheaper then it is today even with Pennsylvanias new tax! Ask yourself this, where is all the gambling revenue that Ed Rendell promised would abolish property taxes?

  • Smelling A FOUL coming

    Dear Help!!!!!!!!!! This gas tax was put in place long before President elect Trump even decided to run! You can thank the demorats for putting policies in place to stop gas and oil production here in the states! Don’t you go throwing blame until you educate yourself a little or I mean a lot! You will soon see after January 20 2017 a lot more drilling and oil production taking place under the new administration and you can bet your you know what on that! It always happens when a republican takes office, gas prices rise and the Feds will raise the interest rates as if to give them a slow start so all the demorats can complain that the Republican Party is to blame well I’m calling foul right now before Trump takes office! Remember when the younger Bush took office and the country had been headed in to recession about August before he was inaugurated? Then there was 9/11? Don’t you think it’s suspicious how all this stuff paralleled with the placement of a Republican in the office? Oh wait your type would rather point fingers then to help the team!

    • vincent

      stop with the Dmocrat BS im tired of you Republicans always blaming Dems this tax Wheter Republicna or Dem was going to happen so stfu with your BS. So sick and tired of the devide in this country get a life and stop deviding azzhat.

    • A2B2C

      As always, your memory is convenient as to how you want to interpret things. We remember when the market was crashing as that younger Bush left office and we’d lost how many of our young men to a war he wanted and Cheney lined his pockets. Repubs start wars as their answer to unemployment. Do you have a son ready to go?

  • Cathy

    I travel through several states on the east coast with PA being the most northern and take into account the harsh weather, but as soon as you cross over the border in Maryland on 81N, the roads are all downhill in PA. Virginia has decent roads and gas is much cheaper, maybe Harrisburg can learn something, but I doubt it.

  • Jim Fessler

    This is what you get folks.This was started by Corbet, and then you all wanted Wolfe who told you he wanted higher taxes. So if you think this is going to end your one something. This is going to hurt!!!

    • Corrective politics

      Umm no, this gas hike was signed by Governor Wolf.. An extreme socialist democrat with horrible policies.

      • Hallo.

        Is that what Kim Jong Un told you? Special kind of stupid you are? ”…gas tax increase that started in 2013 after the passing of the state law known as Act 89.” Now lets open our PA History book, who was the Pennsylvanian Governor in 2013? Tom Wolf, who was just elected? Or Tom Corbett? It was under Corbet – along with his brilliant idea to increase DMV fees to fund construction projects.
        But yes, must have been time traveling Wolf.

  • Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Um did you vote for Trump? The industry is salivating over it…Get rid of the Mexicans and raise your gasoline prices.. What’s this they want to cut your Social security that you paid for.. Yep..and you can say goodbye to Your cheap health care if you make a low wage.. What? and you still voted for Trump… Watch what happens no increase in minimum wage which would increase other wages by default. I am curious to know that wnep was bought out 2 years ago by a Conservative group? Now your news lacks content… 98% of media is now owned by Conservatives. The internet is full of False articles and you believe. I can only pray you wake up.

    • Raven

      LOL You are so delusional that I cannot even put it into words. When has Trump EVER said anything about raising ANY taxes? Nor has he said anything about Social Security other than he thinks the age should increase a bit which it needs to. Cheap health care if you make a low wage? Sure it’s cheap, but it TAXES the rest of the Country you moron. I don’t even have Obamacare yet my Companies PRIVATE insurance wanted to raise our rate 30% this year BECAUSE of Obummercare, but we settled on a $500 Deductible. A minimum wage increase increases other wages by default? Like seriously kid are you really this dumb? Increasing minimum wage does NOTHING, the costs of everything else goes up it just takes a few years. Then in a few years the costs are where they were BEFORE you raised it and guess what? You gotta raise it again! Only a moron would think like you. 98% of News owned by Conservatives? Is that why CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, and around 20 other News networks were CAUGHT favoring Hillary and trying to slander Trump to get her elected? There is PROOF of such from the hacked emails… People like you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

      • Chuck

        Trump never said it. however he will rubber stamp the Republican aganda. Look up the Medicare and SS on Paul Ryans website . Look up the SS on Pat Toomeys website. You fools.

    • Hallo.

      What reliable source is that from? We only have 1.3 trillion barrels in world oil fields, which is only enough to last the world less than 38 years.
      The US alone uses 19.4 million barrels per day.

      • Mike

        Um really? Do your own research! Or just ask your little smart phone if the world is running short on oil. Many sites come up. Here’s just one quote “With new exploration and technology, the resources could leap to a staggering 7.5 trillion boe, “Mr Eyton said

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