Caring for Your Cars in the Cold

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LOYALSOCK TOWNSHIP -- It was a busy day at Kost Tire and Auto near Williamsport. A lot of people were at the shop getting their cars worked on. Kristie Tawney of South Williamsport got her tires rotated and air put in them.

"They kind-of looked a little low, so I figured I'd better get them down here," Tawney said.

According to the staff at Kost, that's one of the best things she could have done. With the impending cold weather, it's important to get your vehicles ready.

"When it gets colder, the air in your tires contracts. So it's not a lot of times you have a leak, but the air got smaller and less pressure in the tires," Riedy said.

Store Manager Tim Riedy says one of the most important things you can do for your vehicle this time of year is check the battery.

"A weak battery when it's cold will not start, give you issues," Riedy said.

The staff also recommends taking care of your wiper blades and lifting them up off the windshield when you know it's going to storm.

"That way in the morning they're not frozen fast to your windshield when you get in the car. Flick your lever on, they're frozen fast. It could hurt the motor or it can rip the rubber right off the wiper blades," Riedy said.

Riedy says it's important to have your antifreeze tested and check your windshield wiper fluid. As for Tawney, she has a tip too.

"I always start my vehicle ahead of time to get it warmed up and make sure it's at the proper temperature before you take off," Tawney said.

The staff at Kost also recommends cleaning off your windows and the top of your roof when it snows. They also recommend a good set of winter tires because they are designed to stay softer in the cold temperatures.

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