Trial Begins in Cab Driver Shooting

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WILLIAMSPORT -- It's been over two years since police in Williamsport say a taxi driver was shot on the job by one of his passengers.

The alleged shooter, Dante Washington, is now on trial for attempted murder.

This was the first day of the trial and the first time in over two years the cab driver Gene Phillips came face to face with his suspected shooter.

Phillips came to court to tell his side of the story.

"I forgive the guy for what he did but justice needs to be served."

That's what Gene Phillips from Williamsport told Newswatch16 back in 2014 a few weeks after being shot on the job.

The former cab driver was back at the Lycoming County Courthouse Tuesday for the first day of the trial for his alleged shooter Dante Washington.

Phillips wasn't allowed to speak with us after sharing testimony because he may be called back to court, so his family did.

"Two and a half years, two and a half years waiting for this day," said Dawn Phillips.

Police in Williamsport say back in 2014, Phillips picked up Washington in his cab. Washington took out a gun and demanded money. Phillips handed over the money, but according to police, Washington shot him anyway.

We caught up with Washington as he was headed back into the courthouse.

"Just trying to get this case over with, that's all," he said.

Although it's a day she would rather forget, Dawn Phillips sat in court while her brother described in detail the morning he was shot.

"Miserable, gritting my teeth the whole time reliving it all," said Dawn Phillips, the victim's sister.

After he was shot, Phillips drove himself to a nearby hospital where he spoke with police and even helped identify the shooter.

"It wasn't a good memory but he's alive, he's doing well, we are all doing good. We are surviving it. We just want to get it all behind us," Phillips added.

Dante Washington's trial is expected to last at least until the end of the week in Williamsport.


      • JessicaInWilliamsport

        No, I’m certainly not stupid, I just like to look at all the facts and research things. Percentages don’t lie, that takes your population argument out of the equation. BTW it’s “YOU’RE” —- who’s the stupid one? LOL

  • JessicaInWilliamsport

    Perhaps it only seems like there are more black murderers because they’re the ones who get disproportionally convicted? Those white ones end up with the wealthy flu or some other such thing to get out of whatever horror they’ve committed. Case in point, the rapist kid from Stanford U…. 5 months for that heinous crime, probably not much more if he killed her too. It would be interesting to see actual facts/stats on race and murder.

  • just wondering.....please reply.

    Why are the majority of murders committed by the African American species? Is it a lacking of evolution or something? Animals in the Wild don’t even do this to each other. Are “they” missing a certain chromosome that us white folks AREN’T missing?

    • Taja

      We have all been down roads we don’t ever want to go down again. Idk what was going on in His mind during this time and I don’t agree with what he did but I do know this man as a funny good guy. I hope they don’t roof him.

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        Yeah, I bet the cab driver was laughing uncontrollably when he was shot AFTER he gave that animal the money. His career as a comedian is going to have to be put on hold for a very long time while he’s in prison, though.

    • Writer Girl

      For some (not all) segments of the black community, crime, be it stealing or more violent crime, is a way of life. Mostly, lower class, uneducated street types, like this guy. Let the “racist” comments begin.

  • Joe

    where’s all the thug hair ? can’t ever forget about that hair. Cleaned up now for court. What a nice looking boy.

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