Picket Lines Continue in Dallas Strike

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DALLAS TOWNSHIP -- Teachers in the Dallas School District ignored the state and the school district Tuesday by not returning to their jobs. The union and school board are now fighting over when they'll return as they continue to battle over a contract.

Most parents thought this was the day teachers would be back in classrooms, but instead, those teachers remain on picket lines. And if they're not in class, neither are thousands of school kids.

"This is crazy," said parent Morgan Dixon-Clark "The kids want to get back in school. Moms are spending all this money for day care for kids; they can't just up and leave their jobs."

The strike started a month ago. Family after family has had to find ways to cope.  That was supposed to end on Tuesday.

"On any given day, we have anywhere between 11 and 14 kids in the house while everyone else is at work, so it's definitely an inconvenience," said parent Roy Ward.

A school board meeting Monday night turned heated quickly with frustrated parents and a battle between the union and school board over when teachers would return.

The state and school board said that had to be Tuesday in order to get 180 days of school done by June 15.

But the union fired back saying since the district insisted on keeping the holiday break in the school calendar, the board isn't committed to getting school done on time.

The strike continues.

"You don't reward bad behavior, and we're not going to reward bad behavior. You adhere to the law, and we'll do what we need to do," said PSEA representative John Holland.

So the picket lines are still there and parents and students are feeling stuck in the middle.

"Everyone else in the world has to go out and do their jobs, why can't teachers do the same thing?" asked Dixon-Clark.

"I can understand both sides of it. I don't necessarily agree with either one. I understand the teachers want more money. I understand the district not wanting the school district having to pay the premiums on the medical. Everyone else has to pay it, why shouldn't the teachers?" Ward added.

Right now, there's no date set yet for the Dallas teachers to return to class.

The school board's solicitor says the state will intervene when the strike threatens to push the end of school past June 30.


  • Isabella

    I want to know what will happen if they stay on strike until December 28 and the school gets closed for snow days. Will the kids be going on Saturdays then? The longer this lasts, the more ticked off I get. Clearly, the kids aren’t the priority here.

  • i quit..

    One more thing. Do you realize if we go on strike we lose those days pay teachers make them up and get paid for them. They will even get paid their new pay for them. Time to clean house-them and gov. that allows this S–T

  • sgt. apple smasher

    After highschool graduation I was given two paths. Go to college and become a teacher or do good for society and become a police officer. Thank God I chose police officer. I could NEVER face family nor friends. If i if I chose to be a teacher it must be a very humiliating occupation. These Dallas teachers suck azz and shouldn’t show their filthy faces in public!

  • FEED ME!

    These female teachers are all overweight. Keep walking that picket line and burn some calories. Do you need a raise? Do you need more food oink, oinks?

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