Local Contractor Pays off Lunch Debts at Schools in Monroe County

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SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- Hefty cafeteria debt can add up for many families whose children buy lunch at school, just ask Principal Gail Kulick at Resica Elementary School near East Stroudsburg.

"I have families up to $40 and $50, so imagine that times some of, a lot of the other schools together," said Kulick.

But after a random act of kindness from a local contractor in East Stroudsburg, a lot of lunch debt has disappeared.

Brian Winot, president of Northeast Site Contractors, paid off all school lunch debt at every Monroe County elementary school.

"I remember being a young parent. That's why we specifically chose elementary school because it's typically younger parents, younger families just starting out and things happen, especially around the holidays," said Winot.

Just about $4,000 in total was handed out.

Winot, with the help of State Representative Rosemary Brown, stopped by several elementary schools to hand deliver the good news.

"We need more random acts of kindness, and there's a lot of good people doing a lot of good things but I think you can't help but smile," said State Rep. Rosemary Brown, (R) 189th Legislative District.

Resica Elementary School is one of 14 other elementary schools in Monroe County that will be receiving one of the checks. The principal is very grateful for what the contracting company has done.

"That money adds up and when it comes to being able to feed your children, a lot of people depend on the schools," said Kulick.

"It's just a good feeling to be able to do it. We have been very fortunate and feel very important about taking care of a community that takes care of us," said Winot.

Winot hopes to continue his random acts of kindness for many years to come, hoping to brighten up the days of those who need it most during the holidays.


  • Kathleen Flynn

    Thank you for doing that… Please remember that they will be hungry every day…
    Do not listen to the negative posts,,, They are angry people with hate in their hearts..
    Thabkyou for caring,,, God Bless You….


    What a Christmas present for those families. Hope they appreciated it. Merry Christmas to the Northeast Site Contractors :)

  • Pay based on results

    If it weren’t for those promised pensions to the teachers that are grossly inflated compared to the social security checks us seniors whom paid these teachers salaries the schools could give totally free lunches to every student!

    • Reality Hurts

      Waaah waah you baby boomers want everything handed to you… and you complain about the millennials.. yeesh. Ever spend time with one? If it isn’t free or super easy they complain about it. Social Security was NEVER MEANT to be your retirement system, only a supplemental payment to other retirement monies. Those teachers are paying into Social Security too. By the way, thanks for all policies you and your generation instituted that we have to clean up over the next few decades.

    • Cptn.

      So you are saying pay based on results? You are a special kind of stupid huh? So, good working teachers should be punished due to parents not giving a damn? The problem starts at home bud and at the end of the day that is where they end up again.

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