Tempers Flare Over Ongoing Teachers Strike

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DALLAS TOWNSHIP -- Teachers in the Dallas School District have been on the picket line for roughly a month, putting 2,700 students out of school.

Tempers boiled over at the school board meeting Monday night as outraged parents demanded their children get back to classes.

"As a parent, I want my kids back in school. I am tired of the games that are being played," said parent Susan Allen.

Teachers went on strike last month.

The board says according to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the teachers have to return to school on Tuesday in order for the district to get in 180 days in the classroom with the school year scheduled to end on June 15.

However, union president John Holland says teachers will not be reporting for duty Tuesday morning because the district is still allowing a holiday break, which he says is unreasonable.

"Because if they allow a holiday break, there's no way they can get 180 days of instruction in by June 15," Holland said.

"The Dallas Education Association had notified the Pennsylvania Department of Education that he was not bringing his teachers back on December 13 as the Pennsylvania Department of Education had directed," said board solicitor Vito DeLuca.

With that decision laid bare, the meeting quickly turned into a shouting match between Holland and the board.

According to the board solicitor, the department of education would intervene if the strike pushes the end of the school year beyond June 30.


    • butchie cootchie

      You are right, overpaid babysitters, let’s pay them what they are worth.
      so each parent should pay $5 per hour to babysit.
      $5 x20 students (low ballpark average) in a class, so ok $100 per hour.
      but they only work part of the day, prep, lunch
      ok so 6 hours a day = $600 per day, now they are making babysitter pay
      5 days a week = $3000 per week
      but they only work 180 days a year
      ok so 180 days at $600 per day = $108,000 a year.
      That’s what these overpaid babysitters should be paid, not the salaries they are demanding, gosh darn it.

  • Just Me

    The average teacher salary in the Dallas School District is $62,000. If I made that much I would have no problem paying towards health insurance. I don’t even make half that amount, and I still have to pay towards my health insurance. And I have a union job. But the teachers’ union is the only union I know of that thinks workers should have a high salary and not have to pay for healthcare.

    • Matt

      Do you have a Masters or Doctorate degree? If not, then don’t compare yourself.. The cost of that education is astronomical. Most people who hold those degrees are easily making double what our teachers are.

      • Just Me

        Are you a teacher? Because you seem to be taking these comments personally. Just because someone has a Masters or Doctorate degree does not mean they are intelligent. I know many people who are very smart who could not afford to go to college, so yes, I am comparing myself. I could never afford to go to college, I didn’t have mommy and daddy to pay for it for me. For how many times at work I have to show college educated people, some with Masters and Bachelors, how to do their own job I often wonder how they made it through college in the first place.

  • Matt

    Most of our teachers in Dallas hold atleast a Masters degree, let alone the majority of them close to a Doctorate. They could easily go elsewhere and make DOUBLE what they are making here. We attract the BEST and the BRIGHTEST teachers to the back mountain. Our schools are the best in the area due to the teachers, the parents, and the children. You think our teachers are greedy? Their current offer STILL puts the at the lowest end of the pay scales for the area. I want my teachers to be happy, healthy, and fairly compensated… and that’s all they are asking from us as tax payers… It’s not THEIR FAULT the School Board wasn’t able to balance a budget the last 5 years.

  • DallasParentInSupportOfNewTeachers

    Teachers, you don’t like compensation plan? Go elsewhere. There are plenty of good teachers that would love to work in a district like Dallas. Teachers that would love to have such beautiful buildings, advanced technology, and the best kids. Think about it…..eliminate all current teachers…..hire new teachers at starting salaries. The district won’t have to raise taxes for years plus you get teachers that want to work for what they are offered; not teachers who say we deserve more because other teachers are paid more.

    • Matt

      So you want to get rid of all of our amazing teachers, just because their union and the school board can’t come to an agreement? Get real.

  • Ben

    This whole thing is a shame. School board says they are trying to get kids back in the classroom. Teachers (and Union) says they are for the kids. Personally, I don’t think neither party is doing the best for the kids. How many children look forward to the break between Christmas and New Years? How many families make plans to travel based on this schedule? This is becoming a game of “Who get’s the last laugh” and all it is doing is hurting the entire community.

    • tomtom

      look forward to break???school is the only place they get fed, cared for, and babysat for…their parents are scumbags…looking for a free ride…

      • Just Me

        So….you’re saying that children only go to school because their parents are scumbags looking for a free ride…I don’t even know how to begin to respond to something that asinine.

    • George

      How can you dislike this comments? It’s the truth. How can you not agree that we are penalizing the children because of the actions between the two parties. In no way is this whole situation making Dallas better. Teachers and School Board are the laughing stock of the Valley.

  • i quit..

    People these teachers will settle for what they really wanted weeks ago. Just played the game till people got loud. Make them pay for what they did to us. Give them S..T

  • JessicaInWilliamsport

    Instead of being jealous at what teachers have and are bargaining for, perhaps you should organize and do the same with your employers. It’s sickening to see how devalued education has become in this country. It’s no wonder Trump got elected, we have a populace that is proud of being stupid and only wants schools to babysit their children for them.

    • magicmikexxsm

      you know why Jess, because teachers are paid off the backs of the working man……they have the power to hold you tools hostage , and can’t be fired because of that…..try going on strike at a civilian job, yeah lol you’d be shown the door very fast……… nobody begrudges the teachers a good salary, they are getting paid pretty damn good now….but what pi$$es the public off is when they push us around and cry because they may have to pay a little more for say their health insurance, while the rest of us pay to the nose..and why? because of you democrats…..

      • joe

        Why should ANYONE give back something that has been negotiated for in the past?
        Because you & others have to pay for your healthcare doesn’t mean others have to.
        Join a union & enjoy the same benefits or continue to be held hostage by non union employers & accept what is thrown your way & like it.

      • magicmikexxsm

        JOE……You are what’s wrong with America, that’s why your candidate lost this election…..
        No Joe I don’t care what they negotiated years past …times are different now, and times they are a changing Joe….FDR seen the problem with civil service unions back in the 40’s it’s just to bad you are blind not to see it………when the next 3 or 4 senior citizens lose their homes to tax sales Joe, but what do you care, you teachers are like leaches, you take and take…..

      • JessicaInWilliamsport

        Teachers pay taxes too….did that ever occur to you? You need to get off your duff, organize in ANY JOB you’re in and negotiate for better. If CEOs can negotiate for cushy benny packages, why not you? Every CEO/Company/Millionaire that puts money offshore and avoids paying taxes THAT’S where the discrepancy lies. How about those State Senators and Representatives and their employees with their exorbitant pay and bennies….. They certainly don’t do the important job teachers do….. there are deals with political cronies to contract with state and local governments that gouge the taxpayers far more than teachers doing their job. Let’s get upset about that stuff, not hardworking tax paying fellow citizens who happen to be smart enough to be unionized.

    • john williams

      Education DEVALUED? Mismanaged is more like it. The United States spends more money on education than any other country in the world, and we have the least to show for our dollars spent!

      • Ouch2

        Wow, that is a flat out lie. For example, a first year teacher in Luxembourg earns $72k a year.
        The most important thing a country has is it’s youth. Don’t complain about a teacher’s salary, take an active role in your child’s education and make teachers earn their high pay.
        I would rather the teacher teaching my child to read get paid more than the CEO of a company poisoning my well.

    • concernedcommuter

      You have to realize that not everyone can afford to pay more in school taxes. It isn’t that education has become devalued. It is simply actual economics. The median income in Pa. is $29,291 and 13.2 per cent of the population live under the poverty level. Senior citizens got no raise last year and only about four dollars this year. How much more can they afford to pay. Why not make ALL teachers state employees? Then anywhere there was an excess of teachers they could be transferred to a district that needed one. Sort of like the State Police.

    • Educated Trump Supporter

      Make America Great Again

      Signed by Bachelor of Science, Master in Business Administration, and PhD in Information Technology

    • Truth

      Seriously? Do you/Can you read? This is in Pennsylvania you freaking idiot. I can’t stand seeing your comments anymore. You truly are the dumbest POS.

      • Truth

        Do us all a favor and get rid of your internet service…troll. Every comment you post is irrelevant. You don’t read/follow the stories, you make unrelated comments or you post about Trump. Maybe you should join a Hillary forum!

  • Feed Me More

    Research Salaries in Pennsylvania
    Occupation Annual mean wage in Pennsylvania
    Special Education Teachers Kindergarten and Elementary School $61,070
    Special Education Teachers Middle School $63,380
    Special Education Teachers Secondary School $63,510

    • Chris M

      Are the teachers striking now all Special Ed teachers? If not, please post the same data for non-Special Ed teachers so we can compare apples to apples.

      • Feed Me More

        if sped teachers who pull around speds with a leash through school and feed them jello can make that much on average, im sure other teachers are doing just fine chris

  • Bleepnoid

    Go for it Holland!!! Looks like parents are sick of their own undisciplined kids. Imagine 30 in a classroom? Teachers are folks with GEDs. They’ve earned advanced degrees in child development. Would you be able to underpay your doctor, taxes, bus fees, taxi, police, firemen? Would love to see these angry parents at those meetings- they would be ushered out.

    • magicmikexxsm

      BLEEPNOID………..””” Looks like parents are sick of their own undisciplined kids””””
      How do you know they are undisciplined??? Maybe those parents just need to get back to work so they can afford to pay their property taxes so you teachers can get your over bloated salaries……If you are a teacher, you’re not the brightest color in the crayon box are you…

    • Duh

      “Teachers are folks with GEDs”. Um…no…. it’s *aren’t folks with GEDs. Looks like your teachers were on strike too when you were in school.

  • McCracken

    Woe is me. If you went into teaching to get rich, you’re not intelligent and, as such, should not be educating our youth. Teachers work 180 days (plus in-service days), have all holidays off, receive healthcare and a pension, and have great job security. Is that really not enough?

    • JonBoat

      Schools are required to be open for 180 days by law. In addition to these days, teachers are required to do numerous in service days which are generally used to teach teachers new technology to help students learn. Due to snow days, teachers and students would lose extra time off during the holidays in lieu of extending school into summer. As far as job security, a lot of non-core teacher(aside from English, Math, Science) are expendable due to shrinking budgets and less funding. Don’t be bitter because your health insurance and pension isn’t at a level to where teachers are. You can always check the marketplace at healthcare.gov to find better coverage for you and your family. Or perhaps find a new career. Most teacher don’t get into this profession to become rich. They become teachers because they have passion for their careers and the students they teach.

      • concernedcommuter

        According to the Dallas contract teachers are required to work 185 days. Almost all other professions require year round work. The median income in Pa.(adjusted for 2015) is $29,291 and 13.2 per cent of the population lives below the poverty level. A brand new teacher at Dallas with only a BA starts at around 35,000. Social Security got a 0.3 per cent raise and then they turned around and raised the medical costs to eat up that raise. How are retired senior citizens going to get a new career that will allow them to pay the higher property taxes? Are you going to volunteer to help them out so their houses aren’t auctioned off? There comes a time when the tax base is maxed out and can no longer afford to pay more.

  • Bill K.

    We’re supposed to have a high temperature of 15 degrees Thursday. I’m looking forward to seeing them walking that picket line in 10 degree weather. Oh and it’s supposed to snow too. Twice as good. Bet after a few days of picketing in 10 degree weather they’ll accept anything.

  • caps not on

    Teachers…”We want more money” you all should be fired and ashamed of the example you are setting ….cry baby teachers don’t want to pay a copay for insurance or any changes to it well tough S*** the rest of the world does and you think your better than everyone else …your not Test scores show how badly you teach. I propose that all future raises in pay should be based on performance …bad scores no raise ….continued bad scores fired and teaching certificate pulled and made to retake your schooling at your cost before you get another job teaching. What’s fair is fair this is how the real world works maybe they missed that in class!
    The taxpayers of NEPA.

  • Nothing is more important

    When billionaire CEO’s insist on higher profits at the expense of the little guy they are smart. When a teacher tries to negotiate a fair contract they are greedy cry babies. Makes no sense.

    • John

      If the money is not there, it is not there. Also, if teachers want CEO money, go into the private sector and earn it. Public sector is not where you make a lot of money.

    • Eric Barton

      Billionaire CEOs earn that money through private companies that you are not forced to support. Raises for teachers come from property taxes that if not paid your home is taken and auctioned off.

      • E

        But we are forced to support them. I must have a car to get to work. Therefore I must buy gas. If I don’t I will lose my job and my car and my house. Raises for billionaire oil CEO’s come from the money I am force to spend on gas which leaves less for everything else.
        Why do we continue to be ok with billionaires seeking more money, but we lash out at anyone in the middle class that does the same? You’ve been brainwashed to believe that’s just the way it is, and until we ALL start demanding better nothing will change.

      • concernedcommuter

        Actually you aren’t forced to support them. Move to within walking distance of work or ride a bike or take the bus. Several options there. It doesn’t matter whether or not a tax payer moves, they still have to pay property tax to support the teachers.

      • E

        Same could be said of taxes. You aren’t required to own a home. Sell your home and land and rent, so you don’t have to pay property taxes. That’s just as reasonable as expecting me to move within walking distance of my job.
        The bottom line is that some people seem to be ‘allowed’ to seek advancement while others are expected to be happy for whatever someone else decides is enough, and the irony is that the biggest complainers are typically in a similar situation. Don’t lash out at people fighting for themselves. Join them.

      • butchie cootchie

        If you don’t think your tax money goes to billionaire CEOs, then they have you fooled like they want. Wake up people, your taxes that pay teachers’ salaries are a drop in the bucket, compared to how much of your money is going to large corporations.

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