Snow Day in Wayne County

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HONESDALE -- Snow shovels got a workout on Monday after roughly half a foot of snow fell around parts of the Honesdale area in Wayne County.

Despite the wet, heavy snow, deliveries still reached their final destinations. Kids pitched in as well, helping to clear off the sidewalk with mom.

"It was a good snow day to have them around. It's very heavy. It should warm up and hopefully disappear," said Wendy Creamer of Hawley.

The weather was severe enough to cancel school at Wallenpaupack Area, Wayne Highlands, and Western Wayne school districts, leaving kids to do what kids tend to do on days like this.

For Brooks Estadt, it was all work and no play outside his insurance business on Main Street.

"My doctor said, 'Bend at the knees, not at the waist. Slow down, you're getting old.' I turn 50 this year, so I'm trying to take his advice," said Brooks Estadt of Archbald.

Don't let the business side of him fool you. Estadt enjoys the snow, just not when he has to shovel it.

"It's pretty. One of the greatest things about Honesdale. You look outside and it's covered in snow, just looks beautiful."

Some things were not so beautiful on this day. Some cars and trucks suffered some damage when the roads were slick.

E-Z Body Shop near Hamlin has been around for more than 40 years, and others' misfortune ends up being Lori Godino's fortune.

"They pile up and especially during the holiday season, people are shopping, traveling, bad weather hits," said Godino.

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