Cleaning Up After the Snowfall in the Poconos

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- It's not exactly what 11-year-old Nadir Simmons from Tobyhanna wanted to be doing on his snow day off, shoveling away the stuff that has kept him home from school. But with his dad by his side, he was happy to help out.

"I didn't think it was going to be like this until later on," said Nadir Simmons.

Nadir's father, Charles Simmons, says he welcomes the extra help.  Especially since they have a lot of ground to cover and heavy snow to move.

"It's perfect! I got him right up, 'Hey, no school.' He jumps up, 'No school? Oh, OK!' Jumped up, 'Come on, dad, let's go outside and shovel,' so that's what we are doing. Cleaning the mailbox out too, so the mail guy can get through and that is it," said Charles Simmons.

Just around the corner was another duo with the day off from school.

Joann Nira from Tobyhanna works in administration at Pocono Mountain School District and her husband is a school bus driver. Both of them started shoveling bright and early just to get the job done.

"We are kind of used to this. 22 years up here so it's like, 'Yep, another snowfall,'" said Joann Nira, Tobyhanna.

Plowing and shoveling come with the territory of living here in Tobyhanna, but some people we saw out tell us as long as you keep up with it, you should be just fine.

"There is enough here and it's heavy so you have to take your time if you're not used to it and stuff like that," said Nira.

John Moschak from Tobyhanna was out clearing his driveway with his snow thrower. He typically likes to wait until the snow stops before starting his cleanup.

"Instead of doing it twice, just do it once unless it's going to be a foot and a half or so two foot then you have to keep ahead of it. This is only a dusting. It was nothing," said John Moschak of Tobyhanna.

And with a few more months of potential snow storms, people here aren't taking any chances.

Many of those people we spoke to tell us they are all stocked up on winter materials, ready to take on the rest of the winter season.

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