Auto Body Shops Cashing In on Winter Weather

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- The recent snowfall has many auto body shops in the Poconos busy with vehicles that may have been wrecked or need winterizing.

A lot of crashes happened in the Monroe County area over the last few days.

The inside garage and outside lot at Tim's Auto Body near Stroudsburg are packed with damaged cars and trucks. Whether the damage came from snow-related crashes or a deer jumping out into the road, these technicians have their hands full.

"I'd say 15 to 20 by Wednesday of last week, so it's been a lot to handle," said Andrew Richards.

Richards is the shop manager at Tim's. He says business started to pick up last week after Tuesday's snowfall dropped several inches in the Poconos.

Richards says a lot of the cars coming in have front end damage.

"Backlog is probably almost three weeks now, so it does back up. We just do our best job at moving the cars."

Another process keeping garages busy is winterizing vehicles. Many drivers are getting their tires changed, oil and brakes checked, too.

Garages are also busy at Kost Tire in Stroudsburg. Workers tell us once people hear that snow is coming, that is when they come in to get their cars serviced.

"You want your car to be solid while you are driving," said Joann Schrade.

Schrade from Saylorsburg stopped into Kost to have a tire repaired. Schrade is no stranger to driving in the snow but believes you can never be too careful when it comes to Mother Nature.

"We had to get snow tires put on and just make sure the brakes and everything else is working good."

And according to mechanics at Kost Tire and Auto, the best thing a driver can do is get a quick check on their vehicle. Many places do checks for free; all you have to do is call your local auto shop to see if they offer the service.

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