Man Stands in Place of Columbus Statue in Pittston

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PITTSTON — After a crash knocked over a statue of Christopher Columbus in Pittston last week, one man decided to fill in during its absence.

Lou McBride posted photos on Facebook of himself dressed in period clothing and standing in the original location of the statue with one significant difference.

McBride placed a “plaque” at his feet identifying himself as Leif Erikson. Erikson was a Viking explorer who is believed to be the first known European to reach North America in 1000 A.D., nearly 400 years before Columbus.

McBride says he stood there for an hour until he couldn’t feel his hands, but the photos quickly went viral.

Pittston city officials sent the Columbus statue to be repaired. There is no word when it might be back in its place in Pittston.


  • Seneca

    Axia, the debate over Colombus’ career and deeds actually started in his own lifetime. No serious historian denies his faults or the demage they have done. But no serious historian misrepresents his accomplishments. After almost five centuries the effort to define the man in terms of both has given way to mindless leftist revisionism that now villifies Colombus. Perhaps those who try so hard at this might have more credibility if they would also judge modern monsters such as Lenin, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, and their ilk by the same standards.

    • Ian Davis

      Those “modern” monsters are vilified, though, deservedly. If you’d said someone like Castro you could make a party divided case, but as it is you’re just trying to paint your opponents as unaware of history. Perhaps you’re revisioning leftist revisionism? It’d be like if I said that your disregard of Stalin put you right alongside the Nazis that also fought him–a ludicrous claim, just like what you said. One could wonder, however, what purpose you need to serve for your argument if it can only be fulfilled by distorting your opponent’s position.

      • Seneca

        Ian, my remark was directed at Axia’s belief that an effort to respond to the current politicized revisionism regarding Columbus is also revisionism. Columbus’ faults have long been known, and as I remarked earlier, were an issue while he himself still lived. The actions of Columbus and his contemporaries in the West Indies were judged wrong and evil then (see Bartolome de las Casas’ contemporary account, for instance). And they still are judged wrong and evil, using the same moral standard prevailing in de las Casas’ day. No revisionist interpretations are necessary to show us that they were wrong.

        Columbus’ misdeeds in the New World have been debated before. They figured in the often vituperative debate around the US Government recognition of Columbus Day. A lot of current criticism of the man pales in comparison to what was said about him in the early part of the last century.

        But to your other point, are some of the anti-Columbus crowd ignorant of history? I’ve often found that the case for many who are poorly educated about the historical record, thanks in part to the current state of our educational system. However, revisionists aren’t ignorant of the facts. They choose, for whatever reason, to minimize Columbus’ achievements and focus on the wrongs he committed. And often this is done to make them fit a leftist, ideologically driven narrative regarding colonialism, slavery, and genocide.

        The results of Christopher Columbus’ voyages and discovery of the New World, and the political, social, and econmic consequences that resulted, are some of the most profound in history. They, as the man’s bad deeds and their consequences, cannot be undone–they are part of the historical record. It is wrong to ignore or misrepresent either the good or the bad in pursuit of an ideologically-driven goal.

  • joey calstanzo

    Pittston officials should replace Chris with any living member of the national democrat leadership. They’re all older than either Columbus or Lief Ericson. Change Columbus Avenue back to the dems politically correct “Multicultural Street”. Columbus Avenue is too pro-Italian for dems. Or possibly rename it “Railroad Street”, which is kinda neutral and innofensive-even to dems.

  • Dave

    Love it!!!!!! hahahahaha .. The Italians will be posting in force… Personally, I would have an American Indian. Kinda proven they were the 1st ones here. In time History will correct White Europeans self-perpetuating propaganda.

  • Seneca

    Whatever. The Vikings certainly had their day but left no lasting footprint. Same with the Phoenicians and others. The Chinese seem to have left their DNA on the Pacific coasts, though.

    It was Colombus who came to these shores at the right moment in history, when Europeans were looking for a short cut to Southern and Eastern Asia. Spain and Portugal were rivals, and each wanted to claim new discoveries. Economics and politics drove exploitation of Columbus’ discoveries in the New World (just as they did Vasco da Gama’s voyages to Asia).

    Ironically, it was Vespucci who got his name on all this.

  • Writer Girl

    Hey Leif, you look like an idiot. Leave Columbus alone and quit trying to diminish his place in history. Besides, Leif wasn’t likely the first person to “discover” America. Social scientists believe there were several white men who first came here, but no one wants to say anything because of so-called “Native Americans,” who also came here from Asia.
    Columbus was smart enough to get funding and documentation of his trip here, so buzz off!

    • Seneca

      Amen, Writer Girl. Too many people have been taken in by the revisionists who want to downplay Colombus’ achievements. Their efforts would be laughable if not for the fact that so many have been taken in by them.

      • Axia

        So people who know history, and how terrible Columbus actually was, are the revisionists? Silly me, here i thought the revisionist history was the one that painted Columbus in a positive light. You may want to educate yourself before you make a fool of yourself (again).

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